Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hatred : DNA or learned behavior

Is hate an elementary part of the human DNA or is it something humans learn from life experience?

Before the Zombies showed up the world seemed to be run by hatred. The United States hated terrorism and went to war over it. Israel and Palestine fought incessantly. India and Pakistan waged a silent war, stalled in taking action because they both have nuclear weapons. Whites hated blacks who hated Asians who hated Latinos. Individuals hated themselves because they could never become the twin of some pop star or famous actress. If people weren't waging war on other countries they were waging war on everything else under the sun.

Then the zombies showed up. It wasn't an immediate change at the first sign of the undead. But the change from a hating world to one where people untied as human beings did happen relatively fast once everybody realized they had a common enemy.

Countries, governments, races and religions became obsolete. They came together to eradicate the army of undead who were relentless. Photographs from this time were amazing. Like the picture of the Israeli fighter decapitating a zombie American soldier whose mouth is just inches away from biting down on the arm of a Palestinian woman who is clutching her small child or the photo from Rome of a Swiss Guard and a transvestite fighting side by side defending the Vatican. This image alone helped to create a significant change in how the Catholic church views gays.

This parade of unity only lasted as long as the threat did. As soon as the last zombie head had been bashed, severed, exploded and shot the hatred began to return.

The United States blamed terrorism for  the zombies. Fox News reported that the source of infection within the continental United States possibly came from a biological weapon brought in by Al Quaeda or some other terrorist group. No Terrorist group has ever come forward to take the credit.

Israelis blamed Palestinian labs saying they created the first zombies as a secret weapon to destroy Israel so they could move in and take the land.

Every religion pointed the finger at each other. While zombies had unified the world they ultimately would be the new cause for unsubdued hatred.

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