Wednesday, January 6, 2010

VIDEO - Walking in Fear

Every driveway, alleyway, dark shadow worries me when I have to walk outside at night. They say there's nothing to fear anymore. They say that the zombies have been exterminated and won't return. But how can they really know that? They weren't able to predict the first outbreak or the last, yet somehow they know this is the final curtain call for the undead?

I have nightmares when I sleep and frightening daydreams when I'm awake. The last zombie war was the worst by far. Spanning every continent with lightening speed. The fact that I was a freelance photographer working in a remote location when it started saved my life. Well, that and my three best friends. My machete, my senses and my desire to live. Killing zombies wasn't hard for me. I never cried afterwards wondering whose mother, brother or child I had just re-killed. It was like crushing bugs, very big bugs that you didn't want invading your kitchen anymore. This might sound crazy but...I felt safer during the war than I do now.

Safety is like art, for me, "it's all in the eye/mind of the beholder" or something like that. I was a photographer not a writer. At least during the war you could carry a weapon and nobody looked at you funny. I miss my machete. I leave her faithfully by my front door when I leave the house and I'm comforted by the sight of her when I get home. Ever since that guy butchered his girlfriend claiming he had mistaken her for a zombie while they were grocery shopping at Walmart ALL weapons have been banned for civilians. It's bullshit! Even when the toxicology reports came out later explaining that the guy was hopped up on some new form of meth the government still kept the ban in place. Now, if you're caught with a weapon, they put you in jail for no less than 30 days for "rehabilitation".

A friend of mine was sent to "rehabilitation" and he said it was like a scene from that movie where the guy has his eye lids stuck open and forced to watch images while listening to Beethoven. My friend now lives in an underground bomb shelter somewhere in northern Canada. He vowed to never come in contact with another human again and he wishes we had never won the zombie war. Can't really blame him...

There was something about the chaos of the war, and my faithful machete, that was comforting. It gave me some purpose for wanting to live. Now, it's silent at night, too silent. I'm terrified by the silence. Not knowing if and when it will begin again. Thinking, I might not be so lucky the text time around...

Let me stop talking like this.
Thanks so much for reading this.
I think it's time for me to try and sleep, time to take my pills.

Sleep tight, don't let the zombies bite.

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