Tuesday, January 26, 2010

VIDEO & A Subway Attack, Armaggedon Begins!

Shortly after this video was taken the subway lurched to a halt. The emergency lights came on and the conductor began to say something. The guitar player leaned back against the doors while pulling his guitar in front of him. A son hugged his father, a little scared, to his left.

Again, the conductors voice came over the loud speaker, but it was different. Even though you couldn't understand a word you could hear the tone of panic. The conductor was louder, rushed and then he let out a blood curdling scream. The next sounds were of cloth being torn, something ripping, gurggling, wet smacking, teeth grinding, lips smacking,low groawl,...silence...

The subway doors flew open and the guitarist fell out on his back. The father and son jumped up and went towards the doors. The dad called out to the guitarist asking if he was okay.

"si, yes I am good, Gracias!" the guitarist replied as ge stood up. A shadow caught his eye. Then the shadow began to growl. Yes, growl, he couldn't believe his ears. The red security light bulb above his head wasn't helping. It was making his eyes have an even harder time focusing in the dark. The dark mass made a sudden move forward and the guitarist instinctively swung his guitar at it. It lost it's balance and fell into the wall head first. It didn't get up.

The guitarist jumped back into the subway car. The father had pushed his son behind him. The guitarist introduced himself as Jorge and the father introduced himself as " stay the fuck away from us."

Another dark shape was now approaching the father from behind. Jorge took a step towards the father who took a step back, right into the outstretched hands of the thing behind him. His son was stuck between a sticky wall and his fathers lower back. The hands began to pull his shoulders back.

Jorge grabbed the father by his arms, yanking him forward, freeing him. Now the dark shape had found a new target, the son. It held his face and hair and was trying to pull him to it's open mouth. Fortunately, it seemed to be having a hard time bending down and pulling him up. The guitarist took this opportunity to smash the thing in the head with all of his force. The guitar broke to pieces leaving the guitar neck in Jorge's hand like he just hit a home run.

The father thanked him and said his name was Paul and next to him was Nathan. Together they decided they had to get out of this subway tunnel and fast. They checked the tunnel by slowly looking around the edge of the last door toward the front of the train. They figured they were closer to the next station than the previous. They could see something moving a few cars down and nothing else. They stayed in the shadows, weaving their way through the subway cars and avoiding the occasional slow staggering person.

The first car of the train had made it into the next station, 14th street. There were large puddles of blood coagulating on the multiple subway platforms. Dark red streaks smeared the walls and subway maps. On the next platform over three people looked like they were viciously tickling a woman. Until one from the group turned around, saw Paul and let out a loud moan through a bloody mouth. Chunks of blood soaked meat dripping from it's hands. The rest of the group turned and they all walked forward , straight off of their platform edge and into the tracks. Suddenly, the power came back on. One of the zombies fell on the third rail turning him into a zombie shish kabob. The two others got up and reached out to Paul,Jorge and Nathan as they ran up the subway stairs. Nathan looked back and screamed. One zombie was missing an eye, blood was caked to it's face. The other was missing her lower lip and a good chunk if her chin. Both were clawing at the platform unable to get up.

Before they got to street level Paul, Nathan and Jorge stopped. They could hear screaming, sirens, yelling, crying and something new. Something they had only heard in the subway up until now. An inhuman growling echoing from every direction. Had the gates to hell been opened?

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