Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pharmacy Run

They just announced on the news that a strange virus is spreading and
the government will be implementing Marshall law within the next 24-48
hours. All of our troops abroad are being transported back to the
continental United States, effective immediately.

Did I hear that news correctly? Let me turn on the radio...

" ...the president momentarily. This has been an emergency broadcast.
This is not a test. Please stay tuned for further instructions. This
is an Emergency Broadcast. Please stay in your current location and
lock yourself in. If you are listening to us from a car, please drive
to the nearest safe location and stay there. We are awaiting further
instructions. We should be hearing from the president momentarily.
This has been and Emergency broadcast. This is not a test..."

What is going on? There are people running down the street with
shopping carts full of food and water. This is unbelieveable!!! Is
this the end of the world? Screw this, I need to get to the pharmacy,

I seem to be one of two dozen people who have thought to pilage the
local pharmacies. I guess most people want food. I want vitamins, cold
medication, soap, and any other prescription meds I can get my hands
on. If there's a virus out there, about to decimate to human
population I want to be one of the survivors. Food and water are great
but when they go bad or run out then what?

Vitamins take years to go bad. I have no idea how to grow my own food
but I know I can take my vitamins and live off Twinkies if I have to.
You might think I'm totally stupid but let's see who survives this. If
it looks like I won't survive at least I'll have a nice supply of
vicodin and morphine so my last days are painless bliss. I've never
feared death. No, I'm more worried about pain and suffering. Those
things aren't for me but, if this is the end, I welcome death with
open arms.

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