Thursday, January 7, 2010

You're not a zombie but we have to amputate.

Bet you didn't know that not all zombies are contagious. Unfortunately, this information wasn't discovered sooner. People were decapitated before the final words to say "I've been bitten" could be spoken. Even people who had been scratched didn't get a second look in the beginning.

As the war progressed things started to look up. Natural decomposition of the human body was a great ally. A zombie before it reaches the black putrefaction stage of decomposition is highly contagious. All of it's body fluids should be avoided at all costs. You can tell if a zombie has just entered this stage because it will appear bloated. The lower part of the abdomen might still have some of it's green color from early putrefaction. The end of this stage is close when you begin to see bones. Usually this stage takes 10-20 days. But, since zombies don't just stay in one spot and are invulnerable to insects, this stage can vary greatly in time.

Back to my point about non-contagious zombies. After the black putrefaction a zombie will start to mummify. This is when they are no longer contagious. The zombie begins to dry out. It is still unknown how a zombie can continue "functioning" at this point since they should no longer have any tissue, organs and (least of all) a brain left.

Since the mummified zombie is void of all fluids it can no longer infect another living creature. It still hurts like hell if you get bitten and can cause some serious damage, gangrene or amputation. While you can't become infected from a bite it has been rumored that if you were to, somehow, ingest any part of a mummified zombie you would slowly become one. I'm not sure how they're testing this theory but I wish they wouldn't. Just when things seem like we have the upper hand some jerk with a degree, sitting in a lab, wants to find out how to make more zombies.

Some things are better left undone.

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