Monday, January 4, 2010

I'll have an order of BRAINS!

Unless you've been growing your own fruits and vegetables and slaughtering your own livestock you have seen food at the store labeled ORGANIC.

The mere fact that food has to have this label is sickening! What does that mean for all the other food items that aren't labeled this way? Odds are they are genetically modified or contain genetically modified ingredients, GMI's.

So while you think you've selected a nice tomato, you're actually buying the "idea" of a tomato. An organism that has been modified artificially to ripen and have that perfect bright red luster. Meanwhile it may not contain any of the beneficial elements of an organic tomato.

Every wonder how some of the things you eat are "genetically modified"? Well let me tell you a little of what I know. In order to change the DNA of, let's say, a cucumber they have to break into the DNA code, like creating a hole in a chain. To do this they have to use a vector such as a virus or bacteria. Once the virus has been introduced into the DNA and created a hole they can then insert whatever code it is they want. For example, rendering the cucumber immune to certain fertilizers and harmful pesticides.

What I wonder is "What happens to the virus"? Does the virus remain in the DNA dormant or is it still active. If the viruses introduced into our food were still active it would explain why ecoli has been found in everything from peanuts to spinach! Has anybody done any studies to find out what the long term exposure to ingesting these genetically modified foods might do to us, humans? Sure the cucumber is now resistant to pesticides but what if humans started to become immune to normally lethal substances or begin to "cheat death"?

Now Mr. Smith used to work at the nuclear power plant until he was exposed to high levels of radiation. He was then put on disability and told he didn't have much longer to live. There was no cure for the level of exposure he had undergone. Thinking it's his last days on earth he indulges himself in some of the worst eating habits ever. Devouring every sweet, sticky, multi-colored, multi-flavored, high fructose corn syrup drenched food item he can get his hands on praying for a heart attack to stop his suffering. Little does he know but this new diet is beginning to alter his DNA. The viruses and bacteria contained within the GMI's combine to create a barrier against death. But this doesn't mean he isn't still dying. Quite to the contrary...

Mr. Smith dies peacefully, alone, in his sleep. However nobody tells the viruses and bacteria in his body that. They are still alive and have a great need to continue doing so. They operate Mr.Smith's body like a robot. The genetically modified organisms, GMO's, in his body aren't sure what to do with their new host. Then their natural instinct kicks in, they will infect other hosts, just like they would normally.

The GMO's have limited control over their robot but can make him walk, see, bite and infect new hosts where they can reproduce and continue this pattern...

People get vaccines against viruses, like the flu. Will people have to get vaccines against their food one day?

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