Zombie Outbreak Beacon NY

Zombie Outbreak Beacon NY
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Part 29 - Let's get a bite?

IMAGE BY KIM K , more of her work can be found here at Lost Zombies.com

The foot belonged to someone who was still able to communicate, still breathing, still human. Dennis was able to ask the foot several questions before pitch darkness took over.

"are you tied up? " - yes
"are we still in Frank or Tom's house" - yes
Are there other people, living people in the house helping Frank or Tom or whatever his real name is? - no
Have you been here long- yes
Does Frank return often? - yes and then no , Dennis asked if that meant sometimes and the foot shook a definite yes.

Judging from the dank smell and level of darkness Dennis assumed that he must be in the basement of the house. The wall he was tied to was made out of cinder blocks. His eyes were useless in the pitch darkness so he tried to hone in on whatever he could with his other senses. He took a deep breath and then another. Analyzing every molecule of air flowing into his nostrils. He could smell the raw body odor of the woman across from him. She smelled salty and dirty. The smell of urine also caught his attention. There was no distinct odor of feces however. This must mean that Frank takes her elsewhere to take a dump or he cleans that up very well. There was also the faintest hint of perfume. Not the sweet expensive kind, no, this was more like a cheap bottle of perfume a high school boy would buy at the local pharmacy to impress his sweetheart. Frank must use the perfume to...? To do what? Cover up the stench of his prisoner?

Dennis felt behind his back with his finger tips. He could feel the ropes tightly bound around his wrists but this was the first time he also felt the handcuffs around his wrists. They were more loosely clasped. The rope was tied into a metal ring in the wall and the cuffs were chained to the same ring. He pulled but the ring was solid and didn't budge an inch.

This was a seriously messed up situation. Not only was a madman upstairs, somewhere, but if zombies were to attack the house he would be incapable of defending himself. The smell of fresh brewed coffee invaded his nose and he could hear someone walking above his head. Coffee, this smell jogged his memory a little. It was once of the last things he remembered before passing out completely. Frank must be near by. But where was Chris?

Suddenly a light came on overhead. Dennis was momentarily blinded by the light. He squeezed his eyes closed and then rapidly blinked them open. He was in the basement alright. For the first time he got to see the owner of the foot he had been conversing with. She was a brunette with a thin build. Perhaps she had had more of an athletic build but being kept prisoner had thinned her down. Her look was one of total despair and yet a glimmer of hope still lingered on. The other leg that wasn't free was chained by the ankle to a huge metal barrel on her right hand side. Her hands were hidden behind her back and Dennis assumed that she was roped up just like him, perhaps cuffed too? Unlike him she was gagged and bound around the mouth. This is why she had been unable to speak.

Frank slowly descended the basement stairs. He stopped on the last step and surveyed the scene infront of him.

"What the fuck have you done with Chris? Why am I here? What's the..." Dennis yelled.

"Shhhhh. Shhhh." Frank said placing a finger on his lips as though he was shushing a small child. "So many questions at once is impolite. Did your parents never teach you manners?" He stopped and took a sip of his coffee then turned his attention to the woman. As he walked over to her Dennis began yelling out questions again and demanding that he answer him. Frank just looked over and then slapped the woman across the face, hard. She began crying and snot ran out of one of her nostrils.

"Yell at me again and I'll do something worse to her." Frank threatened.

Dennis just stared in amazement. This guy was completely insane. As though keeping two healthy humans prisoner in this zombie infested world wasn't proof enough. Frank slowly knelt down next to the woman while placing his mug of coffee on top of the metal barrel next to her. She whimpered like a dog might do right before it's beaten again. Her breath became panicked and you could tell it was getting hard for her to breath with the gag in her mouth. Frank untied her mouth and took the gag out. She took a deep inhale and begged him in a low voice "No!", it was really no more then a whisper.

"Shut up!" Frank said sternly as he took her chin in his right hand and yanked her head to her left, exposing her neck. Dennis couldn't believe as Frank appeared to sink his teeth into her neck. It looked like a vampire scene out of an old movie. The woman's scream gurgled in her throat before spilling out. Frank slammed his hand over her mouth and then straightened back up. He slowly took his hand away and the woman closed her eyes, crying and shaking. There was a huge bite mark and blood trickling down. Frank turned to Dennis who looked like he was shell shocked.

He picked up his coffee and slowly walked back upstairs. The lights went back out and the basement was silent again except for her soft sobbing.

"Are you okay?" Dennis whispered.

"I will be if you can get me out of here." the woman replied.

"I will certainly try."

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