Zombie Outbreak Beacon NY

Zombie Outbreak Beacon NY
Are you going to join them or fight them?


Monday, February 15, 2010

Part II - This is just the beginning

              Image by Frederikke

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Now where is that manager. My arms are tired from killing the butcher
but I can't let him leave the grocery store. My whole town, my
daughter's life depend on me killing him before he has a chance to
spread his zombie infection. I hear a crash from the front of the
store. Stepping over the twice dead butcher's body I quietly make my
way to the front end of the seasonal aisle and look around the corner.
Looks like the faceless manager has walked into a rack of candy and
slipped on the spilled boxes of Tic-Tacs and Orbitz gum. I'm happy to
report that these zombies aren't very good at getting back up once
they're down.

I seize this opportunity to run over and slam my shovel down on the
back of his head. There's a loud, wet cracking sound and his faceless
skulls hits the floor. I bring the shovel down several more times
ensuring he won't be getting back up. There's a scream from outside. I
look through the large front windows of the grocery store and see a
woman dragging headphones grab an elderly lady by the back of her
coat. Something catches my eye by the front door.  A man is getting
up...as he does I notice blood streaming down the front of his shirt
out of the gaping hole in his throat. I guess headphones-girl met
someone as she was leaving. I look back in her direction an she is
kneeling over the old woman's head chewing her ear off while eating
one of her fingers too. Back at the front door the man has vanished.
Where did he go? There's no blood coming into the store so he must
have gone outside.         Shit.

I wish I had ate breakfast this morning. I would have a lot more
energy for all of this strenuous work. I peak out of the grocery store
and don't see the man anywhere. Headphones girl is still eating the
old woman whose body is twitching. I run over to the managers body and
find the store keys. I lock the doors and run to the fruit aisle. If I
don't eat something fast I'm going to faint. Besides headphones girl
isn't going anywhere and I already lost the guy. While shoving bananas
in my mouth I think to phone the police. But then I think about how
that will sound and decide not to. Can you imagine if I called the
cops and said " hi, I'm at the stop and shop and I just beat two
zombies dead with a shovel?". They would cart me off to a funny farm,
especially since all of the witnesses have left. Besides I'm sure
someone else already called the police...so where are they?
I eat an apple and put a few extra in my recyclable shopping bag. I'm
grab a few small waters, a big bag of trail mix, a big block of
Parmesan cheese, jars of organic baby food and as many boxes of organic dry baby cereal I can fit in
my bag. I need to get home to my daughter. I dial my house and my
boyfriend picks up.


"Alex listen to me, make sure all of the blinds are closed and the
front door is locked. I have my keys, don't..."

"Whoa, whoa ,whoa...Jamie...slow down...what's with calling and
barking orders? Evie needs some more diapers by the way."

I take a deep breath and explain everything that has just happened, in
a nutshell. Alex is silent and then he says I'm not being funny and
hangs up on me. I put a few packs of diapers in some cloth bags from
the register. Plastic bags would make noise while I walk and I don't
want to attract attention when I sneak up behind headphones woman. I
take a picture of the dead manager with my cell phone and send it to
Alex and myself. Headphones woman and the old woman are both walking
in the parking lot now...in opposite directions.

I sneak up behind headphone woman and kill her with my shovel. The old
woman is out in the middle of the road and I look over just in time to
see her get struck by a car.

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