Wednesday, February 10, 2010

VIDEO - Police Officer Saves Man From Zombie

(video taken in New York City)

Man -
"Thank you so much officer! I don't know what was wrong with the guy...He just started chasing me."

Police Officer - "Did he say or yell anything at you while he was chasing you?"

Man - "No.. but... and this is going to sound weird... he...he sounded like he was growling"

Police Officer - "Growling? Like a dog?"

Man - "Like nothing I have ever heard before. I had just stepped out of my building over there and I barely noticed him before he just came at me. I just started running towards this street corner. Scared the shit out of me! If you hadn't jumped out of your car and stopped him I don't know what would have."

Police Officer - "He must have been on some serious drugs or something. He didn't even seem stunned the first few times I hit him with my club...not even after I shot him in the leg..."

Man - "I'm just happy you were here... I have never seen anybody take a beating like that...I mean...he just kept coming at you no matter how many times you hit him, didn't put his hands up in defense once and it looked like he was trying to... to bite you...I just don't get it...?"

Police Officer - "I'm just happy there are people who witnessed it besides yourself. Some people would have a field day with a story like this, claiming it was police brutality instead of self defense. I honestly think that if I hadn't shot him in the head he would still be trying to attack me."

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