Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Part 2 of "???" By Dream Killer and link to previous chapter

Image by Rotti  (Rvk, Iceland)

LINK TO PART 1 of "???"

 Part 2 of "???" - by Dream Killer

We were on the roof for 4 minutes when we heard a woman scream. Jenn ran to the edge of the roof and looked down. "TH...THEY'VE ESCAPED THE HOSPITAL!!!" She looked straight at me. "I cant do this...I CANT DO THIS!!" I took her by the arm, she was quiet. Then her gaze went to the door. I walked over and put my ear to it. "What tha?" I could hear moaning and pounding on the door as if someone was hurt. Then I heard a voice. "HEL.....HEL....I C..NT...MY LE..G..PL....PLE..." At that moment I opened the door. "OH MY GOSH LIZ!!" I didn't even know she was in the building. Her leg was torn open and I almost threw up from the smell. Jenn helped her off of the ground and looked at her wound. "Where did you come from? Liz you were off today?....."

I looked at Liz. "Jenn get away from her...." She slowly stood up but it was to late. Liz started pounding the floor and grabbing her head, then she looked and Jenn and jumped on her. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" I got a crowbar that was next to the door and hit Liz over the head. She gave out a load scream than turned to me and I hit her again this time with all the anger, sadness, confusion, and pain that I had in me.Her body was still and lifeless. "Jenn how badly were you bitten?" She shrugged, she just kept looking at Liz's body. "HOW BAD WERE YOU BITTEN JENN?" she started to cry. "I don't know Annie....but..." She walked to the edge of the roof. "But you were a great friend..." I looked at her and realized what she was about to do. "JENN STOP!!!!!" My words were useless. She jumped,and I heard her body hit the ground. I went to look and there were "Zombies" everywhere. They started to gather around her. I had to look away...

Bella met the same fate as Jenn she thought that was better death than becoming a zombie.

"Angel.....we cant stay up here...we need to move..the hospital should be empty right now so lets get off the roof." She nodded.
We made our way out and hid behind a building, the Zombies didn't notice us, they were still feeding on Jenn and Bella. "Look a truck... I think the keys are still inside..lets go."
We snuck around and made our way into the truck and I turned on the engine. All the zombies looked up and started running towards the truck. I pounded on the gas and ran over them. I hit what was left of my friend's bodies. I started to cry. "We'll head south, we'll see how far this infection has spread...". I wasn't sure if anyone would believe me if i tried to warn them, what if there's no one left. I don't want to think about that Ill just keep driving.

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