Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New York City Weekend and Zombies

Image by Chante Tenoso

Getting into New york City on the weekend is the same as rush hour traffic during the week.  People, whom New Yorkers like to call "the bridge and tunnel crowd" pour in from Long Island and New Jersey to have dinner, bar hop and party. Women put on their most revealing outfits and highest heels. While men make sure they have good standing credit cards. Now, just for fun, let's imagine that a zombie outbreak were to occur. From a New Yorkers perspective this would really, truely, suck on one hand but might help out in another way.

First, let's talk about how it would suck. The city would be full of people who have no idea where they are or where they are going. This would greatly increase the level of panic. I have seen tourists in the city panic because they couldn't find an address while they were standing right in front of it. There would be tons of packed bars, clubs and lounges where a zombie attack might go unnoticed until it was much too late. Even if people in the clubs did realize it was a zombie attack nobody would be armed or have the proper footwear to outrun it. Ladies, if you can't run in them (let alone walk) - don't wear them! (I'm just saying). Obviously, another point is that there are just so many extra people in New York City on the weekends and this would inevitably mean more zombies.

On the other hand, all those ladies who can't run in their shoes would make for slower zombies. Slower zombies are easier to kill. Another thought is that since people wear less they will be less able to cover up bites and wounds. Thus making it easier to see victims who need to be "handled" before they turn. Lastly, all the guys who want to impress their dates by driving their biggest trucks and hummers will have parked in garages all over the city. Making my life a little easier if I decide I need to get some wheels since most of the owners will probably be zombie chow.

So I leave it for you to decide if the weekend in New York City would be a better or worse time for a zombie outbreak.


  1. Would you be able to drive one of those vehicles out of the city? Probably not. Best bet: motorcycles for escape purposes.

  2. Yeah motorcycle is a better option for getting through tight spaces. Honestly, going on foot is probably the best option. Can hide easier and attract less attention.