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Part 4 of "???" By Dream Killer and links to previous chapters

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Part 4 of "???" by Dream Killer


She looked at Dave's body when we entered the store. "I had to.....he was infected..........its better this way." I grabbed a basket and headed down toward the water. "Angel.......Angel can you please get over here and help me with this.?" We packed food and water and a lot more supplies, we said nothing to eachother. We put our supplies away and got into the truck. "Annie.......W-" I stoped her mid sentence. "I had to Angel....I love him...and thats why I did it, he would have been in pain...I didn't want that so can we please not bring it up again?" She looked back down and stayed quiet for the next fifteen minutes. "WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!?"

It was like they made a road block in desperation to keep the Zombies out. There were two parts of the block, one side were cars the other was made up of sand bags and debris. "Annie look..." She whispered and I looked at her side of the car. Out in the distance were 5 Zombies.
"How in the world are we going to get past them?" I looked at her and then reached in the backseat and took out a gun. "We'll do it like in the movies....we'll blow their heads off!" I wanted revenge. My friends, my husband, Angels baby, I wanted to tear these Zombies to pieces. "Angel you have one of two choices......stay in the truck and hope i make it back, or join me." I could see the terror in her eyes, and I smiled. "Ok then, I'll go.." I took some ammo and started walking, I loaded then started shooting. "Gotcha!" I gave a smile and I kinda got a little cocky so I walked closer. I shot again, and again and again. "Heh one left."
I got closer.

This one looked like a child. "OK! your time to go." I got closer, the Zombie wouldn't move, so I got dangerously close. The "zombie" turned around and I let out a small shriek. "Thank you for killing them, i thought they were going to figure me out." He had blood smeared all over him I thought he was bitten, so I readied my gun. "Please... I didn't get bit you can check me.." "Why do you have blood all over yourself if you weren't bitten?" He paused for a long time then he looked at me and said. "We were being chased by these people who wouldn't look at us like we were human but as if we were mom took me away because that's how my dad was looking at her.....he chased us and chased us.....Alice..she tripped and fell on someones open body, she got covered in blood." He looked down. "But that's ok because they smelled her and took off the other way that's when my mom realized that if you smell like one of them they wont touch my mom got this crazy idea that if she could protect me long enough to cover me in blood I would be safe.." He started to cry then he hugged me.

"MY MOMS DEAD!!!! I'M COVERED IN HER BLOOD!!!!!!!!! SHE..SHE..." He hugged me tighter."She gave up her life for me..and then Alice...she got i ran as fast as i could...I saw everyone die..everyone,then i got stuck in the middle of those things and so i just stood there, and the images of my family and friends dying kept running through my head." I hugged him as tight as I could I was crying,
I let go of him so I could see his face. "Honey how old are you?" He looked at me with his beautiful green eyes. "I'm 11 ma'am." I took him by the hand and we walked towards the truck. I was not surprised when Angel jumped out ,scooped up the lil boy and gave him some food and water. I smiled. "Hey honey whats your name?" He looked at me while holding a cupcake. "My name is Hayden." I smiled at him. "Ok, we need to get a move on, Angel sit in the back seat with him..we'll try to find a store so he can get fresh clothes." We started driving and the sun lit on me like a hug from a friend, it was so warm in such a cold place. I took one last look behind me and she was trying to get him to take a nap. "Angel...thank you." She smiled at me and then went back to attending to him. An hour later we happened upon a Wal-Mart. "Look Hayden, this is the perfect place to get you some clothes and anything else we might need....Hayden?" I looked behind me and they were both asleep I didnt want to wake them but I knew it was not safe to sleep until we found shelter.

"Wake up, we're here." They got up and i turned off the truck and let them out. We made our way inside and he went straight for the McDonald's to see if anything was cooked. Didn't take him long to find some burgers and he sat down to eat. I grabbed a cup and filled it with root beer, then i told Angel to stay there while I walked around. I grabbed my bat and headed to the electronics department. I found the section where they displayed the phones and a few were on. I quickly grabbed one and dialed my moms number.
"Come on, come on pick up," I heard a voice. "Hello?" "MOM!!!!!!!! MOM YOUR ALIVE!!!!!!!" "Of course I'm alive why wouldn't I be hehe." I explained everything to her and she told me that in Hawaii everything was normal. "Ok mom, Ill find a boat and we'll go over there until this thing blows over." She told me to be careful and that she would have a group waiting for me at the island when we got there. "Bye mom I love you." i hung up and walked back to the McDonald's. He was playing with french fries and she was making sure he didn't slip.

"Come on Hayden lets go get you some clothes." He smiled and played hopscotch on the tiles the whole way there. "This looks like it'll fit you dear go try these on" Angle smiled as she handed him blue jeans and a black T-shirt. He ran into the dressing room and started to try them on."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" I ran in there to see why he screamed and he ran out with a giant bite on his arm. I picked up my bat and killed the zombie that was in there. It was a clerk. "HAYDEN!!!!!" Angel screamed as she ran towards him. "ANNIE!! ANNIE!!!" I ran to examine the wound, then i looked at Angel. "NO!! NO ANNIE PLEASE DON'T!!! NO! NO!" I grabbed him by his hand and told him that in a few minutes he would become a zombie.

He looked at me terrified, "Hayden.......I know this is scary but..Angel is going to give you some medicine ok you take that and ill be back in a few minutes..." I got up and walked away to pray, I cant believe I was going to have to kill this young boy. I was about to pick up my gun when I heard Angel scream. "ANGEL!" I ran where she was at then I stopped. "Angel?" I looked at Haydens lifeless body, Angel broke his neck.
Angel's face was full of tears. "Annie.......I didn't want you to kill him...I told him i loved him and to close his eyes....." I helped Angel up and we got some new clothes and supplies. I helped her to the truck and then we took off. I just drove in silence and shock. "It was the right thing Angel..... but you were the last person i expected to kill some one." She just looked down. We didn't talk for the next 5 miles.

"I'm sorry...."


  1. Good story so far. Pretty hard ass when Annie drugged her husband and broke his neck.

  2. Yeah...definetly but that's what we would have to do to make it in a zombie driven world, become hard ass.