Friday, February 12, 2010

If you are watching this video, you probably killed me

Image courtesy of Martin, 

"If you're watching this video, you probably killed me. It's been seven hours since I have locked myself in this bathroom. I tried to save my mother, this is her house, but I was too late and out numbered. By the time I got here two zombies had already made dinner out of most of her internal organs. They hadn't managed to break her skull open to eat her'm guessing she is one of the zombies now scratching at the bathroom door...They'll stop scratching once I turn..."


"I'm going to film my "change" or "turning" into a zombie as best I can. This is where I was bit. I failed to realize the bathroom was already occupied when I ran in here and locked myself in... He took a pretty big bite out of my you can see...I managed to get him off and I killed him with the top to the back of the toilet. I thought I could use my camera to film how I survive this zombie hell but...looks like I'll be filming how I didn't make it. I'm starting to get hungry, not for brains just good ol'fashioned, hungry...I filled to tub with water so I won't go thirsty for a while. I wonder if I will change without dying or if I will die and come back because of the bite or if i will die of starvation only to come back hungry...guess we will see... I'm sorry to whoever opens the bathroom door and finds me in here, I'm really a nice guy...but...I hope you take my head off before I can bite you...I'm starting to get a little light headed. I wish I was alone in here,  knowing I stuck a rotting zombie in the bathroom closet is making me paranoid or maybe that's a new feeling, I don't know. This bite hurts like hell, feels like a burn that goes straight through my bone. Shit, my camera battery is dying...surprised it lasted this long...If you're watching this probably killed me. Wait? Did I say that already? The scratching at the door is driving me insane! I'm just going to lay down in the tub for a while..."

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