Tuesday, February 2, 2010

May I present our first contributing writer - DREAM KILLER

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Dream Killer is a new contributing writer for Zombies Can't Love. She is from South Houston, Texas. A new chapter from her four part story will appear on this blog starting today and each day a new part will follow. Here is a brief interview with her before we present the first chapter of her Zombie Story, which I don't know the title of...yet...:

Hi Dream Killer and thanks for taking the time for this brief interview. I'm really happy that you want to be a contributing writer to Zombies Cant Love.

  • Do you have a title for the story you are contributing?
Lol, its "???" because I couldn't come up with one that would compliment the story.
  • How did you get "into" zombies"?
Well I've always been into Zombies and Vamps ( lol) but I really got into it when I started going on **LZ.
  • Are the characters in your story based on people you know or are they all fictional?
The main character is sort of based off of me. The fictional characters are Angel, Bella, Dave, Hayden, (whom u won't hear about till part 4)  and Jenn.  Liz and Stephanie are based off of real people. the other characters are thrown in there for fun, they have no meaning .
  • Do you know how a chapter is going to end when you start writing or do you get caught up in the action as though you're living the story?
Some chapters I get caught up in but the others I know how I want to end them .
  • If the zombie apocalypse were to happen soon do you think you would survive?
I think I would survive. I mean my community is full of great shelters, food and water are very easy to get to plus I have tons of great weapons.
  • Do you have any advice for people who are reading this?

To stay safe, know your surroundings and make sure u can run, lo.
Thank you for letting me post my story. 

 Now without further delay I present the first chapter of "???" written by Dream Killer. Her story is sure to make you keep your survival kits ready and your escape plans on hand. Enjoy!

(** LZ - LostZombies. com:Lost Zombies is a social network whose goal is to create the world’s first community generated zombie documentary. Members of Lost Zombies, have their own profile page, can submit photos and videos, as well as take part in chat discussions, and submit content to be used in the documentary.)

Part one - "???" , by Dream Killer
Image by Ironwill 

I went into work today, we received a new patient Joss Brinbridge. According to the file record I received he had been very aggressive when he was first brought in, I was told now that I could go examine him because he was under sedation. I could feel something was very wrong when I entered the room. "WHAT THA!" He was standing up and foaming out of the mouth, I wasn't close to him but the smell of his breath was to much to bear, it was almost like rotting flesh. "Chris can you help me with patient #239?" as soon as i put the pager down he leaped for me, I dodged and he hit the window splattering blood everywhere, then he bolted out of the door. I stood there in terror and shock, I was brought back to reality by the screams of the other nurses and patients.
I went by the door and slowly peaked out. All i could see were the blood stained tiles, then out of nowhere I saw a figure running right for me. She was foaming at the mouth like Joss. I quickly closed the door and she started pounding on the window with such force it cracked a little. Then a nurse who was unaware of the problem went for her. "STEPH! STOP DON'T GO NEAR HER!" My cries were useless as my best friend was torn to pieces right in front of me.
I ducked, to shaken to look out the window. I heard a quick bang, then all was quite.

I waited a while before I got up to check what was happening. I looked through the window and I saw nothing but Stephanie's dead body and I broke down. "Annie? Annie is that you?" I looked up and saw Jenn, Angel, and Bella. "Whats going on? Are we the only ones left?" Jenn nodded as she helped me up. At that moment I realized the safest place was the roof. "We must go to the roof......I know we will be safe there." We started making our way to the flight of stairs that led to a long hallway and another door that led to the roof. As soon as we were all safely out of the hospital i bolt locked the door. "We Should be safe for now." I looked up into the blue sky and the image of Joss jumping at me made me sick to my stomach, I don't know whats happening, but I'm scared..... I don't know if well make it out of here alive. Someone please help us.

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