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Zombie Burlesque in Las Vegas!

I'm going to see this show this week and I will be interviewing one of the cast members.

Are there any zombie related questions you would like me to ask? If so leave a comment here or post the message/question to our Facebook page.

Happy Zombie hunting!

Practice Shooting with these Zombie Targets!

Because if you are going to survive the zombie apocalypse you had better be able to make a clean head shot 99.9% of the time.

These targets are great for practicing! I found them at the Shot Show in Las Vegas, 2014.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Zombie Patrol Truck at The Shot Show in Las Vegas!

This truck would be good once most of the major hordes of zombies have been wiped out. Found this beauty at the Shot Show in Las Vegas.

 You know you want one...don't lie.

  I know I do!

  Like I said this would be good for regular patrols once the major horde or large groups of zombies have been cleared away. This truck wouldn't survive a large scale attack from a crowd of zombies...the passengers wouldn't survive either.

Zombie Apocalypse!! - by Finbar Coyle

I found this lovely piece on the internet while I was searching for zombie attacks disguised as stories about people on synthetic drugs...

Finbar Coyle is a professional animator living in Dublin.

Teenager bites and chews his neighbor!

I just saw this article on the Huffington Post. What kinds of synthetic drugs are kids taking these days? Seriously??

This is getting a little crazy!

Check out the full story here - CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO ARTICLE