Zombie Outbreak Beacon NY

Zombie Outbreak Beacon NY
Are you going to join them or fight them?


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sex in the time of zombies

Zombies can't love.

Zombies don't get horney or miss being held by another person.

I havent seen another living person in days. I probably wont for a long time. Battery powered devices cant make up for it ALL.

street art

Relics now of a time gone by. I hope some artists and especially street artists, taggers and graffiti artists have survived. Means Im not alone. Theres someone else. Plus it gives new beauty to a world where nothing will be new for a long time to come. Just the same thing everyday. Surviving.

"Street art" means that someone isnt just surviving. They're living.

destroy them

Nothing you would use to kill a person works on the infected. They feel no pain or emotion. You can hit them all you want or beg. It doesnt matter. Your mother or your neighbor. They are out for blood. The zombies have outnumbered us.

The only thing I have seen that works is removing their heads or destroying their brain. Stop, yield and decapitate signs will be everywhere one day. Everywhere.

The moaning school bus

I dont know what happened to the kids in this bus. Maybe they tried to survive. Not knowing one of them was already infected. All it took was the one.
Now they are all trapped in this school bus. Dead and hungry. When I go by they stick their small hands out the few open windows. They reach for me. They want to sink their teeth into me and tear me limb from limb.
They dont want me to become like they them. They want to kill me.

The 59 street bridge

The bridges and tunnels were fine if you left right when the first reports started appearing in the news. But who pays attention to the news all day? I certainly didn't.

The bridges and tunnels became death. Things still wander around on them. Trapped between piles of cars. Trapped until humanity can make a second run at making a perfect world.

I miss music

<p>This a portion where a horde tore down the fence. They were either chasing something or someone. I used to like to listen to music while I biked. To do that now would be like committing suicide. The silence highlighted with moans and death isn't fun.

There are some shambling shapes on the horizon in the park.I doubt they are still "alive". I havent heard anything human in days.

My bike

Ive made it out of the building. I have my bike. A car alarm is going off in the distance. That must be why the streets are so empty. They must be off to investigate the loud noise. Theyre looking for dinner.