Thursday, February 4, 2010

Part 3 of "???" written by Dream Killer

Image by Jacob Anderson

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Part 3 of "???" by Dream Killer
We have been driving for almost 2 hours and we saw the terrifying results of the infection. "Oh my......" I saw hundreds of dead bodies, children and teens mainly. "They must have attacked the daycare that's up ahead...." I saw the fear in Angel's eyes. I drove past the bodies as fast as I could that way I could spare Angel her horrific conclusion. However the faster I went the more bodies we encountered. "He's dead isn't he? baby?..." She started to break down and cry. I didn't know how to comfort her. "Annie?......Do you think we'll survive?...." As soon as those words left her mouth I froze, I didn't want to think about it like some part in my head thought we were going to get through this and survive. I looked at her and smiled. "As long as we stay together...we will....I wont let anything happen to you, and when this is all over, said and done there will be new memories to replace these." She looked down, I could tell she wanted to believe me, but the death of her child must have taken all hope from her.

I kept driving and I saw figures walking around something, it was a few zombies surrounding a body. As we went closer the Zombies looked at us but didn't move, then I saw the body. "Angel look its one of them!...the body is a zombie....I see no wounds how did it die?......" This left me thinking. How could a zombie die if its infected, has a food source, and no enemies?
" Annie look..." I heard her whisper and I looked in my rear view mirror. They started attacking one another for rights to the body, I wonder if they killed it. I kept focusing on the road with thousands of questions running through my head. As I kept driving a small glimmer of hope shined through as I saw other cars on the road, but it quickly faded. "All these cars are empty...." I looked at Angel who seemed a zombie herself.

She was just sitting there, starring off into space. "Annie....did you know he would've been three in a few months?...." "Yes I know, and I know what I'm about to say is going to sound a little harsh..." She looked at me with confusion. "Angel ...hes gone.. theres nothing you can do, no amount of crying will bring him back, I know your hurt sweetie but your alive right now...and since he's not here you need to live for him, live for him so that he can be happy..." She just stared at me. The sun was shinning through the window and it lit up the truck with warmth and security.
"See Angel, as long as the sun shines everyday, there will be hope."

We started to get a little anxious about finding other people. "SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!" I looked into the field next to us and there were three people running from zombies who looked bigger than the ones from our town.
I was surprised to hear Angel speak. "Should we stop and help them? I mean we would be able to survive better with more people." I took what she said into consideration but there was no way we could stop, then open the door without being bitten, the zombies were to close. "No we need guns or something to protect yourself with..." I started to feel sick and dizzy."They will have to accept their fate, theres nothing we can do for now...we have nothing to protect us...: She just stared at me in amazement. "You've changed......" I looked at her."No, I swore I would protect you, what if they were bit huh? then what? We need to think about ourselves to.." We drove another half a mile. "Look a store!!!!!" I drove over and parked. "I'm going to inspect the place you stay here and in case I don't come back drive, leave me here ok?" She started to cry but she nodded. I walked in the store and saw no one, but there was blood on the floor."Probably from those people we saw earlier...," I heard something move from the back of the store. I looked around and found a bat with blood on it. I picked it up and prepared for the worse.

I headed to the back and saw someone. "Dave?" He looked at me and I swung the bat. He ducked. "ANNIE!! ANNIE IM NOT INFECTED!!" I put down the bat and fell into his arms. "Dave Ive missed you so much...."what are you doing here?" I gave my husband another hug, then I saw blood on my hands. I looked closer and saw the deep gash on his back. I quickly got up and went to the pharmacy part of the store, I grabbed some pain killers. "Here honey take these....." "Why? Whats going on?" He saw the blood on my hands. "Annie?" He took the pain killers and I went behind him. A few moments later I could see he was relaxed. "I love you so much Dave...I love you.." I started to cry, then I swung the bat and broke his neck with such force it almost went through his skin. I dropped the bat and ran to the truck. "What happened!!! Annie?"I got her out of the truck "Ill tell you later right now we need food and water and all the weapons we can find..." I took a deep breath and said goodbye to Dave.

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