Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Canada Office Attack - 17 Dead, 9 Risen

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Details of last nights massacre in Edmonton are slowly beginning to emerge. The cause of the mayhem at the offices of 'Medicine in Motion' has been confirmed by authorities as an Undead outbreak.
Although the cause of the rising has yet to be found, the result itself was gruesome. A total of 17 office workers are confirmed dead, with 9 of those rising and being re killed.
Early this morning. A URV (Undead Response Vehicle) arrives at the scene.
'Medicine in Motion", a recently formed company specializing in minimally invasive surgery through remote operation techniques, was holding an informal Thanksgiving party for those who were unable to attend family celebrations. It is understood that the origin of the attacks began here. 

Many office workers at this well attended event, were forced to barricade themselves inside the building. Fighting off a growing number of necrotics, eventually numbering nine. 

Police are confirming that their marksmen did re-kill three of the reanimates who were clearly visible through the brightly lit office windows.
Several office workers managed to flee to safety when the alarm was raised. Others were able to jump from first and second story windows. One unidentified person did jump from a third story window, they sustained injuries to their leg and back. 

The most dramatic rescue came shortly after 2 am. when three workers were air lifted off the roof by medical helicopter. All those rescued have been taken to an undisclosed Government quarantine facility for evaluation and clearance. Tonight, Medicine in Motion is still under strict quarantine. A number of SWAT teams are currently making a final sweep of the building before declaring it accessible to the media.

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