Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zombie Art you can bring into your life

The Zombie Che Guevara piece is really great, in my opinion. This would look AWESOME in a living room, dorm, etc. This is the fourth in a limited number of 50 prints the artist will be offering. The title is Zombie Che.

The next piece is a mobile titled "Left 4 Dead". If you're a zombie enthusiast, which I'm guessing you are then you might like to have this hanging in your home.

"Some days we just want to see Obama hit a zombie in the face. It is an image that warms the heart."
- Artist Quote, Obama vs. Zombies
President Obama might not be able to battle health care reform but he is kicking some serious zombie butt on this tee shirt. If my boyfriend was into zombies as much as me I would get him one.

Finally, a cute pin to sum it all up. "Don't Feed the Zombies" button measures 1 1/2 inches across. It is also available as a magnet or a keychain.

Click on any of the images to take you to each artists individual shop. I don't get a commission or anything. I'm just posting this stuff cause I like it and want to share it with you. Everything posted here is handmade.

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  1. Che and the Obama shirt are my favourites. Your site is awesomesauce!