Thursday, January 14, 2010

What do you have at home already?

Big kitchen knives make great weapons in close combat against zombies. Just remember to aim for the soft spots. I highly doubt my trusty kitchen blade could pierce directly through a skull.
Have you been looking around on the Internet to find out what supplies you might need when the zombie apocalypse begins? I have and I have to admit that I'm rather upset about what I have found. There are tons of blogs and articles about supplies and weapons one should procure to aid in survival. However, I find that most of this information is impossible, unrealistic or just down right ludicrous!

Let's start with supplies. I found a piece where the writer was advising people to get MREs, night vision goggles, sniper rifles, flares, solar powered radios, bicycle powered generator, etc... Unless you're in the military I don't think you would be able to get MREs. Night vision goggles and a sniper rifle are great tools in trained hands. But I think if I had night vision goggles they would probably help get me killed and a sniper rifle is only good for targets that are far away. Solar power is great in theory but what if you're hiding in a space with no windows or access to sunlight for a while?

As for the bicycle generator...hahahahaha! If you're building your bunker now and think it will be impenetrable then go for it, pick one up on eBay. Because once the zombie apocalypse begins you probably won't be able to find one and if you do, good luck hauling it home through crowds of hungry zombies on the street.

With all of this said I'm not really sure what supplies would be "ideal". I can tell you a few items I currently have at home which, realistically, will be what I will have ready and available at the first signs of the zombie outbreak. Perhaps this list will help you think of things you can get and use now to prepare yourself.

Canned food is a good thing to have handy. Since trips to the grocery store will probably become very dangerous once all the cashiers want to eat you for lunch.

How about a crank radio? I have two of them. The black one is from Radio Shack. It has a flashlight, AM/FM radio and is very portable. Since it is a crank radio I don't have to worry about batteries, which is great since it has the flashlight feature.

The Radio Shack crank radio also has a USB port on the back that can be used to charge things, like a cell phone or an Ipod if you manage to find a safe place to sleep and want to drown out the moans of the undead.

My second crank radio is by L.L.Bean. It isn't as portable as the radio shack version. It doesn't have a flashlight either.

But it has a better crank handle and can also operate on solar long as you have access to the sun this could be a useful way to stay up to date until all radio lines of communication fail and you're on your own.

I also have a lot of bottled water and a bathtub which I would fill up at the first signs of zombies. You can survive longer without food than water after all.

I can't really think of too many other things around my apartment that would be super helpful in a zombie outbreak. But if I think of other "real world" things I will be sure to let you know. Take a look around your apartment or house. What could help you? food? weapons? communication? and feel free to post what you find in the comments section at the bottom of this blog post.

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