Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chemtrails Keep falling on my Head

The planes started early this morning. By noon, the chemtrails they write across the sky will be so thick you won't be able to see the sun. I'm just one of a handful of people who have noticed this in my small french town, besides the birds who have all seem to have disappeared. The only birds you can find around here these days are dead or dying.

Everybody has been getting sick but not all in the same way. My neighbor Charlotte came down with flu-like symptoms and a hacking cough. She now has to use an inhaler three times a day. The waiter who works in the outdoor cafe has headaches all the time and got so dizzy the other day he dropped his entire tray on a very angry table. Mind you, he has been a waiter for over twenty years and could do it blindfolded if needed. I myself have become irritable, extremely tired and I have a strange rash developing on my arms. This is worrying me to no end. It looks like the same rash Laurent showed me before he went insane. His twelve year old daughter is the only survivor from this incident. She hasn't said much but does talk in her sleep from time to time. The police tried to gather as much as they could by hypnotising her and questioning neighbors.

This is a small town where everybody knows everybody so the police weren't able to keep the story a secret for long. From what they could piece together Laurent had gone to the doctor because he was feeling unusually tired and had developed a rash. He thought he might be coming down with the Mumps or Chicken Pox. The doctor couldn't find anything and sent him home with some cream. Then he started having memory problems. He would wake up and not know who his own wife was laying next to him in bed or where he was. Severe nosebleeds became very frequent and sometimes he would pass out. I actually saw him fall out while he was walking down to the river one day and when he woke up he was terrified and screaming. He had no idea who I was or where he was. He almost punched me before he ran off. His wife found him later that day hiding under their car.

His wife believed he was suffering from dimentia or early alzheimer's. This is where the testimony of his daughter comes in. She says that on the day of the "incident" her father went mad. He woke up, went to the bathroom and came downstairs for breakfast. She was in the office nook next to the kitchen when her dad walked in. He started screaming unlike anything she had ever heard, almost like an animal and charged at her mother. He grabbed her head and began pounding it against the stone wall of the kitchen. Her older brother walked into the kitchen and saw this. He tried to stop his father but he wasn't strong enough. His father caught his right arm and broke it at the elbow. She said that she didn't know what to do but hide. She slid down, slowly, under the desk she had been seated at and pulled the chair closer to the desk. She trembled and watched as her father beat her brother to death and then started to bite at his bloody face. He didn't eat the chunks of flesh he was pulling from his son's face, just chewing and then spitting them out. She said he looked like a hungry dog who is trying to eat something but it tastes so horrible that they just can't swallow it.

Once he was done "eating" his son she says he sat in the pool of blood on the kitchen floor and began to cry. Then he stood up, ran to the kitchen sink, grabbed every bottle of cleaner and bleach he could find and just started to drink them. He began to foam at the mouth and was still trying to drink right before his body went into convulsions and, eventually, stopped moving.

She stayed under the desk for three days before a neighbor stopped by and found the horrific scene...

My doctor says the rash on my arms is probably just a form of eczema but I know better. The rash in combination with the tiredness and metallic taste in my mouth are coming from the chemtrails being spread everyday overhead. I have heard that chemtrails have been shown to contain toxins such as aluminum and barium compounds. As well as biological materials, such as red blood cells and bacteria. You might think I'm just being paranoid but look it up for yourself.

Now, I have to go downstairs and find out who all these strange people are in my house...

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