Saturday, January 23, 2010

RailRoad Salvage, Candy and Sweet Dreams

It has been three days since I have eaten anything besides candy. The sugar headaches are excruciating. I have been making my way north, further into the wilderness and further from urban areas. If I don't survive to see humanity make a comeback I hope that someone finds this journal. I don't want to just be one of the forgotten people who didn't make it through the zombie war.

Not to mention this journal is the only "person" I can talk to. It's lonely, I'm lonely...

I might actually get some sleep tonight. I'm in a small town called Turners Falls in Massachusetts; haven't seen a trace of life or the undead on my walk through the town. I even managed to get some more candy bars and tic-tacs from the front of the Brooks Pharmacy. The whole store looked pretty untouched compared to other places I've seen. But I never venture far into places. That's why I can usually find candy, it's kept by the registers or entrances of stores.

I took the street behind the pharmacy and it led me to an old bridge that someone had blown a huge hole in. The sides are still up so I was able to shimmy across, no zombie will be able to do that. That's when I found myself in front of where I'm sitting now.

It used to be a place called Railroad Salvage.I think they sold furniture or something like that. Maybe it was a thrift store. In any case, it is abandoned and surrounded by a fence. I couldn't find a single hole in the fence. Good sign that there aren't any people,living or zombie, lurking about.

I'd give anything for a conversation with another living person. I tried to speak and was shocked at the sound of my own voice. It must be what monks feel like after living in silence for decades and then finally saying a word.

Let me stop thinking about things I don't have. I'm thankful for the candy bars, tic-tacs and the possibility I may get a few hours of restful sleep.

Thanks for listening to me. Let's talk again tomorrow.

You're my best friend.

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