Sunday, January 24, 2010

I hope they are slow Zombies

I'm on the New York subway heading downtown. The train is pretty full but not packed. I'm looking around at the people standing and seated around me wondering who would make it out of here if Zombies were to make an appearance.

There is a well dressed black woman to my right. She's reading a magazine article that shows a map of the USA. Her glasses are carefully hanging from her mouth. I look down at her shoes, they are a cute pair of flat slip ons. They match her tights very well. While they look cute I am going to have to say that this woman is completely screwed in an "escape from the zombies on the train" scenario. At the first sign of trouble she would probably end up doing fine and keeping her cool, maybe even making it out into the dark subway tunnel running for the exit on the next platform. That's when her shoe would slip off causing her to fall, being trampled by the other terrified passengers running to presumed safety. She would only be able to regain her composure long enough to realize there's no more time between her and death as the first zombie bites into her leg. Searing hot pain engulfs the left side of her body. She screams which only helps to attract the rest of the zombie horde. A second, a third, a fourth zombie attack this woman dragging her to the ground. She is completely devoured in a very short time. Her shoes are one of the last things left on the train tracks to commemorate her demise.

I have to admit that I don't think my percentage for survival right now is too high. I'm wearing high heeled boots. The only thing that may give me a bit of an advantage is that I am most certainly one of a few people on this train who would recognize the first sign of zombies quickly. That and I can run in these if need be, just not super fast. I hope they are slow zombies this time...


  1. That was funny. :)

    It's the people who are always thinking about these things that are going to survive... when it happens.