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Zombie Outbreak Beacon NY
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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Part VII - Zombies Can't Love

Image by Rikky Moore

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Chris told us how he re-killed his fiancée. Saying that he couldn't believe his own eyes while he was smashing her face on the edge of the marble fireplace in their house. He just kept slamming her face against the solid stone corner until her body had stopped struggling and he was hitting his own hand through the hole in her head. The rage he had that this thing had taken his fiancee's life was limitless.

 I asked Chris how his fiancée had become one of those things. He said he wasn't sure but she started feeling sick after being attacked outside of a bar one night.

"Was she bitten by one?" I asked.

"Nope, she said she was trying to get in her car after leaving the bar and some guy grabbed at her, knocking her to the ground. She did say it seemed like he was trying to bite her and drooled all over her face before she managed to kick him off and get in her car. When she got home she ran straight into the bathroom and threw up. I just thought she was drunk. But then she told me the whole story...I was speechless and wanted to go out and kill the guy...she convinced me not to. The next few days she got more and more sick. Couldn't hold any food or drink down, had a lot of bloody noses and headaches. Not to mention her temper...she was angry all the time...threw a lamp at me. The day before it happened I even paid a ton of money to have a doctor come to the house. He said she had the flu and was probably PMS'ing...PMS my ass...that was the last day...next morning...I woke up on the couch, been sleeping there instead of the bedroom so I didn't get sick too...horrible scratching noises from the bedroom...I walked in and she was hunched over the corner of the room. Scratching at the base board of the wall where there was a mouse hole. Some of her fingernails were ripped off and bleeding. Splinters of wood were stuck in her hands, she didn't even notice. When she turned and looked at me I knew what was in front of me was no longer my fiancée. I ran to the kitchen and she bolted after me..I grabbed...

" I hate to cut you off, but you say she bolted after you? She moved fast?" I looked worried as I waited,briefly, for the answer.

"Yeah, she was pretty quick, not superhuman fast but at least as fast as a normal person in a hurry." Chris answered my question and I lost my appetite. The wheels in my head started spinning overtime. Fast Zombies...oh god...

Chris continued his story saying he had got a big knife from the kitchen, pushed his fiancée to the floor and stabbed her several times in the back with no success at slowing her down. It wasn't until she was chasing him through the livingroom, tripped and fell against the fireplace that he was able to finally succeed at stopping her. That's when he made the connection that he had just re-killed his first Zombie.

I told him about the events of my morning grocery shopping trip. We began comparing notes. The Zombies I had seen and killed were slow. Whereas his fiancée had been fast. We figured out that depending on how you become infected must affect how you are as a Zombie or something like that.

Alex screeched his chair as he got up from the table. He looked down at Chris and I and said " Aren't you two happy you found each other, you have so much in common." then he walked out of the kitchen.

"um...?" Chris looked at me.

"Don't mind him, our love story has been on the rocks lately and this whole Zombie situation isn't helping." I looked down at my half eaten plate of food on the table.

"Well at least you know for certain he isn't a Zombie."

"Why? Because he's alive, annoying, jealous and talking?"

"No, because Zombies can't love."

Saturday, February 27, 2010



"Survival isn't just for the living is the sweet tagline for Survival of the Dead, George A. Romero's latest zombie flick premiering on VOD, XBOX Live, Playstation and Amazon on April 30th before taking over theaters on May 28 from Magnet Releasing. Gearing up for the release, beyond the break you'll find our exclusive look at official one sheet! The plot involves inhabitants of an isolated island off the North American coast who find their relatives rising from the dead to eat their kin. The leaders of the island feud over whether or not to kill their reanimated relatives or preserve them in hopes of finding a cure. 

"Immediately following the events of "Diary of the Dead," "Survival of the Dead," is the 6th film from George A. Romero to look at a world where humans are in the minority and the zombies rule.

Off the coast of Delaware sits the cozy Plum Island where two families are locked in a struggle for power, as it has been for generations. The O'Flynn's, headed by patriarch Patrick O'Flynn (Kenneth Welsh) approach the zombie plague with a shoot-to-kill attitude. The Muldoons, headed by Shamus Muldoon (Richard Fitzpatrick), feel that the zombies should be quarantined and kept 'alive,' in hopes that a solution will someday be found.

The O'Flynn's, who are clearly outnumbered, are forced to exile Patrick by boat to the mainland, where he meets up with a cynical band of soldiers, headed by Guardsman Sarge (Alan Van Sprang). They join forces and return to the island, to find that the zombie plague has fully gripped the divided community, and the body count is rising.

As the battle between humans and zombies escalates, the master filmmaker continues to reinvent the modern horror genre with wicked humor and pointed social commentary.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Part VI - Zombies won't use doorknobs

Images by Jesse Querry, model/zombie hunter Chris Geist

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LINK TO PART V - It's not natural

I turned the shower off, pulled the Mickey Mouse shower curtain back and tried to tune back into what Alex was saying. Something about irresponsibility, promises and my lack of commitment. Then I heard the backdoor to the house close and footsteps going out of the kitchen and into the hallway downstairs. Someone was in the house. I quickly  grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me. Yet another point and time when I wish I would have bought a robe. I put my hand over Alex's mouth and then give him a hard stare, then pointing to my ears in the international sign for "listen, dumbass". The footsteps were slow and cautious. It only sounded like one person too. I grabbed my shovel from the corner of the bathroom. My shovel has become my new favorite pet, maybe I should name it later. Evie began to cry, Damn It! She's awake from her nap. Alex jumps up but I pushed him back down, shaking my head and closing the bathroom door. I dart to my daughter's room, go in, closing that door behind me and catching a glimpse of a man coming up the stairs, straight in my direction. Evie is still crying but I can't deal with her right now. I hold my shovel ready to swing or impale the first thing that walks through the door. The doorknob starts to turn...I know for certain it isn't a zombie since they won't use doorknobs. I wait till he's at just the right point and swing. The man dodges the blow while falling back. He slips on the top step and falls down the stairs. I run to the stairs, pick up a machete lying on the fifth step down and stand next to the man with his own weapon hovering over his throat.

He opens his eyes and blinks several times. He isn't looking at the machete or my face. That's when I realize I lost the towel I was wearing. I tell him he better say something smart and fast or I'm going to open his jugular on my entryway floor.

"Um...please...I'm not dangerous...I'm a photographer and...ugh...you have great tits..."the man stammers.

Alex is looking over the banister with Evie in his arms. I look up at him and he looks completely disgusted. Like it's my fault I'm standing naked over some strange man with a blood covered machete! I move back and let the man sit up but keep the machete as I walk back upstairs. The man  just sits on the floor for a while rubbing his back and neck. I hand Alex the machete and take Evie back into the bedroom so I can put some clothes on. Now, I'm happy I don't wear a lot of fancy clothes. High heels and mini skirts with silk blouses aren't very good for fighting or Zombie killing. Evie is oblivious to what's going on and is content playing with her penguin and shopping cart. I put the gate up in the bedroom door and return to the top of the stairs.

"Thanks for the compliment but what the hell are you doing in my house?" I shout down.

"My name is Chris, I'm just scavenging for food and supplies. Your house is the first one I've come to that didn't have a Zombie in the window and had the door unlocked. I didn't realize anybody was home, well anybody alive that is..."

I looked over at Alex. I have told him a million times to keep the back door shut but he never seems to remember that one simple thing.

"Well, Chris, you say you're a photographer... prove it. It will make me feel a little bit better about having you in my house."

Chris goes on for a solid fifteen minutes about his equipment, f-stops, shutter speeds, subjects he's shot and how his grandfather gave him his first camera. If he was pulling my chain and was actually a serial killer taking advantage of the current situation outside, well, he fooled me. I asked Chris if he would like some lunch since I was just about to make some for Evie and Alex. He says he would love some and heads into the kitchen. He was taking his coat off at the table when Alex and I walk in. I walk over to the back door and double lock it while pulling the shade further down. Alex sits down at the table across form Chris looking slightly pissed off. He's probably already imagining that I want to sleep with this guy and run off to a deserted island or some other craziness. But that's a whole other story for another time.

Chris tells us how he's been surviving in the decommissioned artillery bunkers up past the north side of town. He used to DJ underground rave parties there in the nineties. After he ended up re-killing his fiancee that was the first place he thought to run and hide. He was up there for a couple days with a large cooler someone had stashed with beer and cigarettes. Figures it belongs to high school kids who use the place to get drunk and screw. That and the grief of loosing his fiancee kept him okay for those couple days but once the beer was gone, reality kicked in. He was hungry, tired, thirsty and was not going to survive if he stayed in the bunkers with no supplies. That's when he decided to venture into town to gather what he could before going back. He told us how the first few houses he went to had Zombies inside trying to get through the windows at him as soon as he walked up on the front porches. So he began checking back doors. Our house was the second back door he checked. Chris said that if he can avoid Zombies that's his favorite method of survival. Although he has had to kill a few here and there. Hence the dried blood caked to his machete. He named her Faith.

Canada Office Attack - 17 Dead, 9 Risen

This report is brought to you from ZombieWorldNews.com

Details of last nights massacre in Edmonton are slowly beginning to emerge. The cause of the mayhem at the offices of 'Medicine in Motion' has been confirmed by authorities as an Undead outbreak.
Although the cause of the rising has yet to be found, the result itself was gruesome. A total of 17 office workers are confirmed dead, with 9 of those rising and being re killed.
Early this morning. A URV (Undead Response Vehicle) arrives at the scene.
'Medicine in Motion", a recently formed company specializing in minimally invasive surgery through remote operation techniques, was holding an informal Thanksgiving party for those who were unable to attend family celebrations. It is understood that the origin of the attacks began here. 

Many office workers at this well attended event, were forced to barricade themselves inside the building. Fighting off a growing number of necrotics, eventually numbering nine. 

Police are confirming that their marksmen did re-kill three of the reanimates who were clearly visible through the brightly lit office windows.
Several office workers managed to flee to safety when the alarm was raised. Others were able to jump from first and second story windows. One unidentified person did jump from a third story window, they sustained injuries to their leg and back. 

The most dramatic rescue came shortly after 2 am. when three workers were air lifted off the roof by medical helicopter. All those rescued have been taken to an undisclosed Government quarantine facility for evaluation and clearance. Tonight, Medicine in Motion is still under strict quarantine. A number of SWAT teams are currently making a final sweep of the building before declaring it accessible to the media.

ZWN eye witness reporters are encouraged to contact ZWN with any inside information as to the validity of this report

Copyright 2007 ZombieWorldNews.com. All rights reserved.
This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Part V - It's not natural

Image by Martin, www.bunker-fx.de

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LINK TO PART IV - Humans scare me more than Zombies

This has turned out to be one hell of a day. No pun intended. Just four more blocks and I'll be with my daughter Evie and her father, Alex. I wonder how he's holding up. He has never been very good under pressure or extreme circumstances. I look down the street towards my house with my shovel at the ready. I'm going to have to deal with the three shambling shapes I see ahead of me. I have to keep them in front of me and not get surrounded. So far I have been able to move faster than the Zombies I have come across. This is going to be like playing tag except the other players won't be running away from me and I'll be tagging them with the head of my shovel.

As I approach, slowly, I notice that these Zombies are in he worst shape I have seen yet. There are two men and one woman. The first one, closest to me is a young man whose left arm looks like it is barely attached by exposed muscle tissue. His jeans are torn in several places and there is almost no flesh left on his right calf. It looks like all of the meat has been chewed from his leg, right down to the bone. He wasn't facing me as I hit him in the back of the head, sending him to the ground. I impaled his skull with the tip of my shovel, splitting his skull and cutting into his brain. The commotion had attracted the attention of the other two zombies. The woman let out a low moan with her arms outreached towards me. The man followed close behind her. All I could think was that I needed to split them up a little more. But I couldn't see how.

Instead, dominoes falling came to mind.  I used their lack of balance against them. I ran directly at the woman, ramming my shovel into her chest. She then fell back into the Zombie man behind her knocking him to the ground. I pulled my shovel out of her chest and swung. The loud cracking noise of her skull being smashed was almost deafening. She fell to the ground and was still trying to claw her way towards me. I guess I hadn't damaged the brain. She lifted her head off of the ground and a huge section of her skull fell off. Her brain slipped out of her skull and hung off to the side, still attached by whatever it is that connects it to our spines. She saw it and bit into it. She began to eat her own brain!

I turned my attention to the other male Zombie while she committed Zombie suicide. He was just barely to his feet when I struck him down again, decapitating him and crushing his skull into his brain. I looked back and the woman Zombie, she had stopped moving. A good section of her brain was missing, partially chewed and hanging out of her gaping mouth. Wonder what it meant? She had eaten her own brain when it was in front of her but she hadn't tried to attack the other Zombies around her to eat their brains. Instead she just wanted to eat me. Well, I can't say I blame her. I like to eat hot pizza but if I'm hungry enough I'll eat cold pizza.

Only half a block to my house now and the coast looks clear. I open the front gate, my key in hand, ready to get inside the house as fast as I can. Before I can insert the key the front door swings open and Alex pulls me inside. He lets go of me as soon as he sees what I look like and the blood on his hand. I'm covered in splattered blood, sweat, skull fragments and dirt. I catch a glimpse of my reflection in the hallway mirror and strip down to my underwear on the spot. Alex runs to the kitchen and washes his hands with bleach while I grab my clothes and stick them into a garbage bag, tying it tight. The I take my turn washing my hands with bleach.

"Where's Evie?"

"She's napping upstairs. What the hell took you so long to get back here? I was going to leave as soon as Evie woke up. Why didn't you text me back or call me? You send me that horrible picture and then nothing. What was I suppose to think? Seriously, what..."

"Alex! Now is not the time to start with me. I had to deal with surviving on the way home. I'm sorry if I didn't have time to send you a text saying I was okay. I was too busy staying okay."

Alex follows me into the bathroom where I start a hot shower. I'm pretty sure I have pieces of people in my hair. Not to mention this may be the last time I may get the opportunity to take a hot shower for a while. He sits on the toilet while I climb into the tub. I let the hot water beat down on my face and run down my body. The water goes from a scarlet red, to a light pink, for a little, then runs clear. A shower has never felt this good before. Alex is saying something to me, might even be trying to argue with me. I have no idea. My ears are tuned out and my brain is running a mile a minute. I'm thinking about my daughter and our survival. I'm thinking about how all of this could have started and how it will all end. I'm thinking about life before today and how after today nothing will ever be the same.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Part IV - Humans scare me more than Zombies

Image By Tony Ledezma

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LINK TO PART II - This is just the beginning

LINK TO PART III - Lucky day to be you

To think that this morning I was worried about what I was going to cook for dinner and thinking that I hate the way I dress these days, too casual, and now I'm defending myself against zombies with a shovel! It's true that life is what happens while you're busy doing other things. I think John Lennon said that but don't quote me. I'm almost half way home and I haven't had to re-kill anybody else so far. The few zombies I have seen didn't seem to notice me. I don't think smell is a factor for detection. I'm guessing they rely more on sight and, definitely, sound. You might be wondering why I didn't ask for a ride from that couple earlier. Well, I think I'm safer out here on foot alone than in a car with two people who can't keep it together long enough to save their own lives. I wonder if Alex has gotten the picture I sent him earlier of the dead store manager? He should have replied...

"FREEZE!" A person in a gas mask yells at me from behind. I stop in my tracks. Is it the police or maybe it's the Army?

"TURN AROUND!" I slowly turn around to face the barrel of a gun pointed square at my forehead. I was expecting to see a team or at least a couple people but there is just one person behind this gun. I can't tell if it's a woman or a man because they're wearing a gas mask, a bulletproof vest under a forest print camouflage coat, army pants and  black leather boots. Their voice has no distinctive qualities.

"What?? Are you going to shoot me? I think you should save your bullets for some of the dead people walking around here. Not to mention the noise will most..."

"SHUT UP! WHO ARE YOU?" the gas mask barks at me.

"You might want to be a little more quiet, why don't you take the mask off so you..."

"SHUT UP (moves the gun closer to my head) AND TELL ME YOUR NAME!"

"Jamie..My name is Jamie, Now get your gun out of my face!" I take a step back and watch as the gun is slightly lowered. I make sure I have a firm grip on my shovel and I start wondering if I am going to have to kill more than zombies today.
I suggest that this person takes their gas mask off since it will limit their vision and whatever going on doesn't appear to be airborne since I have killed a few of them and haven't turned into one. The gas mask just shakes it's head "No" at me.

"Suit yourself" I say and turn to walk away. I feel a hand grab my free arm and turn me around. Instinctively, I swing my shovel and knock the gas mask off of a very red faced man. He still keeps a firm grip on my other arm and strikes me across the face with the back of his hand. What the hell is going on? For the first time since I woke up this morning I am actually scared. The one nice thing about Zombies versus humans is that Zombies are predictable. Humans, however, are not and humans scare me much more than Zombies. He must have cut my face when he struck me because I can feel warm blood running down my cheek, into the corner of my mouth.

"You're coming with me little lady. This here is the end of the world an' I'm not planning on survivin' alone or without pussy." Without his gas mask on I can hear a slight accent and his lack of education. I'm guessing he's one of those crazy "survivalist" guys who likes to play war in the woods on the weekends and probably lives alone in a cabin somewhere. Supposedly there are a bunch of people like that in the hills surrounding my town. But this is the first time I'm having the pleasure of meeting one.

I start trying to think of how I'm going to get out of this. He has already hit me once without thinking twice and I'm sure if I try to run he would shoot me in the legs. To him I'm nothing more than a warm body and a future prisoner. I scan the area around us and can't see anything moving, Damn! Where are the Zombies when you need them?

"Okay, let's not get out of hand. I'm sorry that I hit you with my shovel but I have had a very nasty morning and I'm really terrified." I do my best to appear helpless and sincere as I say this, stepping closer to him and gently pulling my arm free from his grip. He looks at me and smiles, he thinks he's won me over. I remember the dark shadow back at the Laundromat which isn't too far back.

"You know if we are going to survive together we should get some supplies, like food and water. Why don't we go to the supermarket and see what we can find and then we can take it..."

"Back to my house." he interrupts me " That's a good idea. See Jaime, we're going to become great friends, I can tell." He picks up his gas mask and we start walking back in the direction I had just come from. I keep thinking about hitting him again with my shovel but if I don't knock him out on the first blow he will have the upper hand and I may never make it home. Just as we are by the front door of the laundromat I kneel down like I'm fixing my shoe. The red faced man is between me and the dark doorway. I clear my throat really loud and fake sneeze.

"Common, get up." He tells me. I don't move, still crouched down, I can see something moving just past the threshold of the laundromat. The red faced man didn't even notice the Zombie creeping up from behind because he was so focused on telling me to get up. I prepared myself to run.

Two hands grabbed the red faced man on either side of his throat, digging it's already bloodied hands and fingernails deep into his skin. He tried to scream but his breath was cut short by the Zombie's fingers, now buried halfway to his Adam's apple. The last things I can hear as I'm running away is wet, gnawing noises and the scuffle of the red man's army boots as he's dragged into the laundromat by his neck. If he comes back as a Zombie I'm going to take great pleasure in crushing his skull. Once I get back to where he first pointed his gun in my face I slow down and look back. There are a few shambling shapes in the middle of the street, too far away for me to worry about. I turn back around, towards my house. Same thing, a few shambling figures, unfortunately these figures I do have to worry about. I lean my back against the building next to me. I control my breathing and prepare myself for the upcoming battle.

My cell phone chimes, a new text message has just been received and I open my phone.

"WTF! Get home NOW! I'm packing Evie's bag, we're going to my mother's as soon as you get here. HURRY!"

I guess Alex finally saw the picture I had sent him of the twice dead store manager. My breathing is better, I'm exhausted but if I can make it just four more blocks I'll be home. I take a quick sip of water and look at the inside of my hands. They hurt like hell from the blisters forming on my palms. I need to remember to get gloves.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Part 3 - Lucky day to be you

LINK TO PART I - Time to check out

LINK TO PART II - This is just the beginning

I was on the complete opposite side of the large parking lot as I watched the old zombie woman get struck by a small sedan. I wanted to yell out to the two people getting out of their car, "WAIT!" - "STOP!" -"DON'T GO NEAR It!", instead I leaned over on my knees trying to catch my breath from killing headphones woman. I watched as the driver ran over to the body in the road. The passenger approached the gruesome scene slower and with more caution when the driver put his hand up telling her to stop. It looked like he was dialing on a cell phone as he stood dangerously close to the old woman's body. I caught my breath and moved as fast as I could towards them, waving my hand that wasn't holding the shovel. The bananas in my stomach made me feel a little queasy and I tried not to notice.

The passenger saw me first and yelled to her companion while pointing in my direction. I still wasn't close enough for them to hear me. You would think I was crossing the parking lot to a huge stadium. The driver looked over at me while holding his cell phone to his ear, completely distracted...

The old woman's teeth found his ankle and bit down hard. He almost lost his balance and jerked his foot back. Her top set of dentures flew out of her mouth as well as a couple of her bottom front teeth. I was now within earshot and yelled for them both to get away from the body. The passenger took one look at my shovel, reddened face and blood splattered clothes and promptly got back in the car. The driver was still backing away from the old woman looking totally confused and freightened. I got next to the old woman who was still gnawing at the air. Her back appeared to be broken in several spots and her left leg was bent in an impossible pose. The parts of her body that had skidded across the pavement before she landed revealed exposed muscle tissue and bone. It only took one, well placed, blow of my shovel to terminate her hunt for flesh.

I turned back to the car. The driver stared at me shocked and dazed. He was silent as I got closer.

"Were you bitten?"

He just blinked at me like I had grown an alien head out of my nose. I grabbed his pant legs and examined them. His left ankle had teeth marks on one side and bloody smudges on the other. His jeans didn't appear to be ripped or torn but I pulled them up anyways and examined his skin. Nothing. This, obviously, is this guy's lucky day.

"She...I mean...how could she?...and you?...with the shovel!..." the driver stammered.

I slapped him hard and the passenger hit the car horn at me. Great, I thought, let's just put a huge target on our precious little selves and call any lurking zombies to us for chow time. I waved my hands at the stupid,scared woman in the car to not do that again. I grabbed the man by both of his arms making him focus on me as I tried to explain the situation and advised him to get off the road,go home and avoid any and all strangers. He just nodded and got back in his car. I stepped aside as they drove off. There was an uneasy quiet surrounding me, not even a bird was chirping. Across the street was the small park where local bands would play on summer nights and where I used to push my daughter on the swings. Now there were three zombies shambling towards me. God damn car horn! I'm hoping these things rely on sight and sound and not smell or telepathy to locate their prey as I took off away from them and towards my house, quickly, not running though. I don't want to exhaust all of my energy in case I have to fight along the way. Just by walking fast I'm able to put good distance between me and  the zombies in the park. The entire town looks like it's on pause or like it's a holiday but nobody took the time to lock up. I peer into the front window of the local laundromat. A dark figure is crouched over a huge pool of blood but I can't see what else. They're everywhere. I need to get home.

Second Poll Results- ...most important thing to have?

Our latest poll asking the question ...

" What is the first most important thing to have in the first coupld hours of the zombie apocalypse?"

... has come to a close.

Out of 65 votes the majority (41 votes or 63%) said that the most important thing to have is a weapon. The second most important thing was shelter with 13 votes (20%) and the third was transportation with 10 votes (15%). Food received 1 vote and water received none...
Sounds like everybody here is ready to take on some zombies. Rock on!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Perfect cover story for a Zombie outbreak

The following story came out today on 1010wins (a radio station in New York City). Wouldn't this make a great cover story for a Zombie outbreak. They could follow it up by saying that a group of people contracted rabies from infected animals in Manhattan causing them to become violent and attack people. Rabies makes a perfect cover story if you ask me. I have lived in New York City for over twelve years now and this is the first time I have heard of rabid raccoons but apparently there have been dozens of reported cases of rabies among raccoons this year alone! I'll let you decide what you think...

(click link to read story from 1010wins.com)Health Dept. to Vaccinate Raccoons Near Central Park

Monday, February 15, 2010

Part II - This is just the beginning

              Image by Frederikke

LINK TO PART I - Time to check out

Now where is that manager. My arms are tired from killing the butcher
but I can't let him leave the grocery store. My whole town, my
daughter's life depend on me killing him before he has a chance to
spread his zombie infection. I hear a crash from the front of the
store. Stepping over the twice dead butcher's body I quietly make my
way to the front end of the seasonal aisle and look around the corner.
Looks like the faceless manager has walked into a rack of candy and
slipped on the spilled boxes of Tic-Tacs and Orbitz gum. I'm happy to
report that these zombies aren't very good at getting back up once
they're down.

I seize this opportunity to run over and slam my shovel down on the
back of his head. There's a loud, wet cracking sound and his faceless
skulls hits the floor. I bring the shovel down several more times
ensuring he won't be getting back up. There's a scream from outside. I
look through the large front windows of the grocery store and see a
woman dragging headphones grab an elderly lady by the back of her
coat. Something catches my eye by the front door.  A man is getting
up...as he does I notice blood streaming down the front of his shirt
out of the gaping hole in his throat. I guess headphones-girl met
someone as she was leaving. I look back in her direction an she is
kneeling over the old woman's head chewing her ear off while eating
one of her fingers too. Back at the front door the man has vanished.
Where did he go? There's no blood coming into the store so he must
have gone outside.         Shit.

I wish I had ate breakfast this morning. I would have a lot more
energy for all of this strenuous work. I peak out of the grocery store
and don't see the man anywhere. Headphones girl is still eating the
old woman whose body is twitching. I run over to the managers body and
find the store keys. I lock the doors and run to the fruit aisle. If I
don't eat something fast I'm going to faint. Besides headphones girl
isn't going anywhere and I already lost the guy. While shoving bananas
in my mouth I think to phone the police. But then I think about how
that will sound and decide not to. Can you imagine if I called the
cops and said " hi, I'm at the stop and shop and I just beat two
zombies dead with a shovel?". They would cart me off to a funny farm,
especially since all of the witnesses have left. Besides I'm sure
someone else already called the police...so where are they?
I eat an apple and put a few extra in my recyclable shopping bag. I'm
grab a few small waters, a big bag of trail mix, a big block of
Parmesan cheese, jars of organic baby food and as many boxes of organic dry baby cereal I can fit in
my bag. I need to get home to my daughter. I dial my house and my
boyfriend picks up.


"Alex listen to me, make sure all of the blinds are closed and the
front door is locked. I have my keys, don't..."

"Whoa, whoa ,whoa...Jamie...slow down...what's with calling and
barking orders? Evie needs some more diapers by the way."

I take a deep breath and explain everything that has just happened, in
a nutshell. Alex is silent and then he says I'm not being funny and
hangs up on me. I put a few packs of diapers in some cloth bags from
the register. Plastic bags would make noise while I walk and I don't
want to attract attention when I sneak up behind headphones woman. I
take a picture of the dead manager with my cell phone and send it to
Alex and myself. Headphones woman and the old woman are both walking
in the parking lot now...in opposite directions.

I sneak up behind headphone woman and kill her with my shovel. The old
woman is out in the middle of the road and I look over just in time to
see her get struck by a car.

Friday, February 12, 2010

If you are watching this video, you probably killed me

Image courtesy of Martin, www.bunker-fx.de 

"If you're watching this video, you probably killed me. It's been seven hours since I have locked myself in this bathroom. I tried to save my mother, this is her house, but I was too late and out numbered. By the time I got here two zombies had already made dinner out of most of her internal organs. They hadn't managed to break her skull open to eat her brains...so...I'm guessing she is one of the zombies now scratching at the bathroom door...They'll stop scratching once I turn..."


"I'm going to film my "change" or "turning" into a zombie as best I can. This is where I was bit. I failed to realize the bathroom was already occupied when I ran in here and locked myself in... He took a pretty big bite out of my arm...as you can see...I managed to get him off and I killed him with the top to the back of the toilet. I thought I could use my camera to film how I survive this zombie hell but...looks like I'll be filming how I didn't make it. I'm starting to get hungry, not for brains just good ol'fashioned, hungry...I filled to tub with water so I won't go thirsty for a while. I wonder if I will change without dying or if I will die and come back because of the bite or if i will die of starvation only to come back hungry...guess we will see... I'm sorry to whoever opens the bathroom door and finds me in here, I'm really a nice guy...but...I hope you take my head off before I can bite you...I'm starting to get a little light headed. I wish I was alone in here,  knowing I stuck a rotting zombie in the bathroom closet is making me paranoid or maybe that's a new feeling, I don't know. This bite hurts like hell, feels like a burn that goes straight through my bone. Shit, my camera battery is dying...surprised it lasted this long...If you're watching this video...you probably killed me. Wait? Did I say that already? The scratching at the door is driving me insane! I'm just going to lay down in the tub for a while..."

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Part 1 : Time to check out!

Images courtesy of  Martin, www.bunker-fx.de

I was trying to decide between the healthy bran cereal or the one with the little multi-colored marshmallows when I heard a scream to my left. I looked down the aisle only to see a horrifying sight. Mike, the friendly butcher who always labeled my ground beef wrong so I could save a couple bucks, was walking towards me covered in blood-his blood.

"Help me!" Mike held up his left hand towards me wrapped in a blood soaked cloth. I grabbed him around the waist as he leaned into me. We walked towards the front of the store leaving a trail of blood in the cereal aisle behind us.

"What happened?" the cute cashier asked us as Mike fell across the conveyor belt of her register. I helped him up a little further and had him lie down on the floor.

"It was dead, it was just a head...cow head...it bit...it bit me...look" Mike took the cloth off of his hand revealing three severed fingers. The fore, middle and ring finger on his left hand were gone from the knuckles up. By now mike was looking pretty pale. I could hear his breath was getting slower. The cashier ran to the office to get the manager.

I stayed with Mike as his eyes rolled back in his head and he stopped moving. A small crowd of mainly old women and stay at home moms had gathered around us making shocked expressions. The manager pushed his way through and knelt down next to the butcher. He put his head on his chest. Mike suddenly opened his eyes and grabbed the manager by the head, sinking his teeth into his face and ripping off his nose. He immediately swallowed the nose and sunk his teeth into the managers soft, fleshy cheek. The manager tried to get free but Mike had a firm grip on his head. The butcher continued to eat away at the managers face while the other customers and employees of my local grocery store ran for their lives and I watched stunned in disbelief. This was it. Zombies were no longer just stories or movies. They were here, in my town, in my grocery store, right in front of me.

The manager eventually stopped moving while Mike gnawed at the forehead of his skull trying to get to his brain. He didn't get to his brain before he turned and I was now faced with two Zombies. I quickly ran into the store towards the seasonal item aisle where I knew they had just stocked in heavy duty shovels for the upcoming snow storms. Mike had watched me move away and was now following not to far behind and the manger was following the sound of Mikes moans since he no longer had eyes to see.

A woman who had been shopping while listening to her iPod saw the bleeding, faceless manager and screamed. The manger locked in on this new and tasty noise, making a bee line for the woman who was within arms reach. She was almost completely turned around when the manger grabbed her arm and hair pulling her back into his mouth. He tore the flesh and muscle from her right shoulder. She tried to push him off and kicked him in the balls. He didn't notice and took another bite out of her neck, opening her jugular.

Meanwhile Mike was still locked on me. He followed me down the seasonal aisle where I already had a solid metal shovel in hand. Not the super wide kind, no, the smaller ones you use to spread salt. I raised it above my head once the zombie butcher was just close enough and let it come down right on his head. Good thing he wasn't much taller than me. His neck compressed down into his body, I heard a snap and his skull split. He was a fresh zombie so the wound began to bleed. He was thrown off balance by the blow and fell into the kid sleds on the right. I took this opportunity to bring my shovel down on his head several more times. Splitting his skull until the brain was visible and then I kept on hitting until his head looked more like smooshed lasagna than a human head. I was spent, swinging a shovel isn't easy and as my adrenaline decreased I realized how much energy I had actually exerted. I was tired...then I heard more moaning...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

VIDEO - Police Officer Saves Man From Zombie

(video taken in New York City)

Man -
"Thank you so much officer! I don't know what was wrong with the guy...He just started chasing me."

Police Officer - "Did he say or yell anything at you while he was chasing you?"

Man - "No.. but... and this is going to sound weird... he...he sounded like he was growling"

Police Officer - "Growling? Like a dog?"

Man - "Like nothing I have ever heard before. I had just stepped out of my building over there and I barely noticed him before he just came at me. I just started running towards this street corner. Scared the shit out of me! If you hadn't jumped out of your car and stopped him I don't know what would have."

Police Officer - "He must have been on some serious drugs or something. He didn't even seem stunned the first few times I hit him with my club...not even after I shot him in the leg..."

Man - "I'm just happy you were here... I have never seen anybody take a beating like that...I mean...he just kept coming at you no matter how many times you hit him, didn't put his hands up in defense once and it looked like he was trying to... to bite you...I just don't get it...?"

Police Officer - "I'm just happy there are people who witnessed it besides yourself. Some people would have a field day with a story like this, claiming it was police brutality instead of self defense. I honestly think that if I hadn't shot him in the head he would still be trying to attack me."

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hunting Zombies


Everybody talks about where they might run to for supplies and weapons when the zombies show up but do you really know what to grab? I thought about where I might head for weapons closest to my place and decided on my local hunting store. I always look in the window when I walk by and see hunting and fishing gear. Maybe if Zombies rely on sight having camouflage will help.

Today, I decided to walk in and learn what basic items a person should have when they go hunting. This way when the zombie apocalypse happens I won't just be grabbing random things but will be able to acquire valuable tools for the zombie hunt.

When I walked in I was greeted by the store owner who is an older man with a great deal of hunting experience. Photographs of his kills line the display cases. He told me how hunting is more popular in Europe than here in the United States. Maybe Europe would be a better place to be if the undead start walking. Then the owner was more than happy to tell me what the top of the line hunting gear is at his shop.

For small game, like rabbits, pheasants and turkey, he suggested a 12 gauge shotgun. These produce a good spray pattern since shotgun shells have a bunch of pellets inside instead of a single bullet. He recommended Banelli and Remington shotguns.

For big game like deer, bears and zombies he recommended a rifle with a scope. This is for shooting at a distance. Good rifles are Remington and Marlin and good scope brands are Bushnell, Leupold and Nikon (not in any particular order).

The best place to shoot a deer is in the upper front shoulder area of the front legs. As for a zombie, as I'm sure you already know, best place to aim is the head. But if you're not a great shot you might want to consider a shot to slow the zombie down giving you more time to either flee or aim better. I asked he owner if it is more difficult to shoot a target that is coming at you and he said "yes, definitely!". Keep in mind zombies will probably be coming at you while you're shooting. Unless you find a distant perch and are a skillful sniper.

To shoot he suggested taking three deep breaths while aiming and holding your gun very steady. As you exhale on the last breath take your shot. I have never been hunting but I have used this technique in a shooing range and I can say it works quite well. Another thing is that when shooting outdoors you don't need to worry about hearing protection like indoors. This is great to remember if you get caught in a gun battle in a building. Protect your hearing or else when you get outside you won't be able to hear the dead nurse dragging her broken leg as she sneaks up on you from behind and tears out a chunk of your upper back. 

Good shoes are essential for hunting Zombies and for getting away from them. Ask any soldier who has had to fight in bad weather and they will tell you that having dry and comfortable shoes is a luxury. The owner of the hunting store recommended these two brands out of all the ones he carried because they are light, waterproof and warm.

Next, get a good knife. Not just for defending yourself in case a zombie gets too close to your face but also to use in skinning animals you will also need to hunt for food. Unlike the undead you will still need to eat to survive.

This is something you won't probably need when hunting Zombies. It will make you more of a target if anything. I personally would steer clear of the bright orange hunting safety stuff. It will either attract Zombie attention or it could also attract a trigger happy hunter waiting to shoot the next thing that moves.

MAGLITE SP2209H 2-AA Cell Mini LED Flashlight with Holster, GrayFinally, you should grab a compact, yet powerful, set of binoculars, a compass and a small (strong) flashlight. This completes a basic list of essentials that any good hunter will have on him at all times and a basic list of things to grab before heading out to defend our planet from the hordes of undead. Of course, this is based off of the information from a hunting shop in Astoria, New York. Perhaps there's a hunting store in your town or city. Check it out, see what they have. Maybe you'll find out some more things that are good to have. If so feel free to leave a comment here and let the rest of us know.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Two Books recommended by Chase Kosberg

Image from Chase Kosberg

I was recently chatting with Chase on facebook and he recommended two books to me. Which I now want to share with you.

The first is a book of Haikus a guy wrote while trapped during a zombie apocalypse - "Zombie Haiku". The second is a book of zombie Christmas carols - "It's beginning to look a lot like Zombies".

Zombie Haiku: Good Poetry For Your...Brains
 "Zombie Haiku" by Ryan Mecum

"To whoever might find this, my name is Chris Lynch, and I'm pretty sure I'm dying. In fact, if you are reading this, then I'm probably already dead. Not that anyone will be around to read this...from what I've seen I'd guess this is the end of everything."

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Zombies: A Book of Zombie Christmas Carols  "It's beginning to look a lot like zombies!" By Christopher Moore & Michael P. Spradlin

" I saw Mommy chewing Santa Claus , Zombie Wonderland , Slay Ride , A Jolly Zombie Christmas, Deck the Hall with parts of Wally...etc..." 

(Click on either book image to take you directly to Amazon.com to pick up your copy. )

Brief interview with writer assigned to World War Z (the Movie)

Image from Facebook Fan Page

Quotes from article by Neil Miller of filmschoolrejects.com

"One project worth following is the adaptation of Max Brooks’ fantastic novel World War Z, which has been underway at Paramount for quite some time."

 "Last week, Collider caught up with J. Michael Straczynski, the writer assigned to the project, as he was promoting his latest work, Ninja Assassin ... During the interview, they talked briefly about where World War Z is — about 5 drafts in — and how he went about tackling the book’s first-person narrative, a driving force behind the book’s unique approach to the post-apocalyptic zombie genre."

To read the entire article and brief interview with J. Michael Straczynski please use this link.


Thank you to Neil Miller for allowing me to quote his work and post a link to his article.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

VIDEO - A.D. Zombie Animated Feature (Teaser)

"The web is buzzing today about a new trailer for what could some day be the first quality full-length zombie animated feature -- A.D. Featuring some spiffy character design, a driving soundtrack, and a moody, post-apocalyptic vibe, A.D. comes from one of the producers of 300. And it shows." - IMDB

A.D. - a CG animated Horror-Adventure written by Haylar Garcia. The movie teaser was directed by Ben Hibon (Codehunters) and produced by Bernie Goldmann (300), Tarik Heitmann and Renee Tab.  

Part 4 of "???" By Dream Killer and links to previous chapters

Image by Frederikke

LINK TO PART 1 of "???"

LINK TO PART 2 of "???"

LINK TO PART 3 of "???"

Part 4 of "???" by Dream Killer


She looked at Dave's body when we entered the store. "I had to.....he was infected..........its better this way." I grabbed a basket and headed down toward the water. "Angel.......Angel can you please get over here and help me with this.?" We packed food and water and a lot more supplies, we said nothing to eachother. We put our supplies away and got into the truck. "Annie.......W-" I stoped her mid sentence. "I had to Angel....I love him...and thats why I did it, he would have been in pain...I didn't want that so can we please not bring it up again?" She looked back down and stayed quiet for the next fifteen minutes. "WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!?"

It was like they made a road block in desperation to keep the Zombies out. There were two parts of the block, one side were cars the other was made up of sand bags and debris. "Annie look..." She whispered and I looked at her side of the car. Out in the distance were 5 Zombies.
"How in the world are we going to get past them?" I looked at her and then reached in the backseat and took out a gun. "We'll do it like in the movies....we'll blow their heads off!" I wanted revenge. My friends, my husband, Angels baby, I wanted to tear these Zombies to pieces. "Angel you have one of two choices......stay in the truck and hope i make it back, or join me." I could see the terror in her eyes, and I smiled. "Ok then, I'll go.." I took some ammo and started walking, I loaded then started shooting. "Gotcha!" I gave a smile and I kinda got a little cocky so I walked closer. I shot again, and again and again. "Heh one left."
I got closer.

This one looked like a child. "OK! your time to go." I got closer, the Zombie wouldn't move, so I got dangerously close. The "zombie" turned around and I let out a small shriek. "Thank you for killing them, i thought they were going to figure me out." He had blood smeared all over him I thought he was bitten, so I readied my gun. "Please... I didn't get bit you can check me.." "Why do you have blood all over yourself if you weren't bitten?" He paused for a long time then he looked at me and said. "We were being chased by these people who wouldn't look at us like we were human but as if we were prey........my mom took me away because that's how my dad was looking at her.....he chased us and chased us.....Alice..she tripped and fell on someones open body, she got covered in blood." He looked down. "But that's ok because they smelled her and took off the other way that's when my mom realized that if you smell like one of them they wont touch you....so my mom got this crazy idea that if she could protect me long enough to cover me in blood I would be safe.." He started to cry then he hugged me.

"MY MOMS DEAD!!!! I'M COVERED IN HER BLOOD!!!!!!!!! SHE..SHE..." He hugged me tighter."She gave up her life for me..and then Alice...she got discovered...so i ran as fast as i could...I saw everyone die..everyone,then i got stuck in the middle of those things and so i just stood there, and the images of my family and friends dying kept running through my head." I hugged him as tight as I could I was crying,
I let go of him so I could see his face. "Honey how old are you?" He looked at me with his beautiful green eyes. "I'm 11 ma'am." I took him by the hand and we walked towards the truck. I was not surprised when Angel jumped out ,scooped up the lil boy and gave him some food and water. I smiled. "Hey honey whats your name?" He looked at me while holding a cupcake. "My name is Hayden." I smiled at him. "Ok, we need to get a move on, Angel sit in the back seat with him..we'll try to find a store so he can get fresh clothes." We started driving and the sun lit on me like a hug from a friend, it was so warm in such a cold place. I took one last look behind me and she was trying to get him to take a nap. "Angel...thank you." She smiled at me and then went back to attending to him. An hour later we happened upon a Wal-Mart. "Look Hayden, this is the perfect place to get you some clothes and anything else we might need....Hayden?" I looked behind me and they were both asleep I didnt want to wake them but I knew it was not safe to sleep until we found shelter.

"Wake up, we're here." They got up and i turned off the truck and let them out. We made our way inside and he went straight for the McDonald's to see if anything was cooked. Didn't take him long to find some burgers and he sat down to eat. I grabbed a cup and filled it with root beer, then i told Angel to stay there while I walked around. I grabbed my bat and headed to the electronics department. I found the section where they displayed the phones and a few were on. I quickly grabbed one and dialed my moms number.
"Come on, come on pick up," I heard a voice. "Hello?" "MOM!!!!!!!! MOM YOUR ALIVE!!!!!!!" "Of course I'm alive why wouldn't I be hehe." I explained everything to her and she told me that in Hawaii everything was normal. "Ok mom, Ill find a boat and we'll go over there until this thing blows over." She told me to be careful and that she would have a group waiting for me at the island when we got there. "Bye mom I love you." i hung up and walked back to the McDonald's. He was playing with french fries and she was making sure he didn't slip.

"Come on Hayden lets go get you some clothes." He smiled and played hopscotch on the tiles the whole way there. "This looks like it'll fit you dear go try these on" Angle smiled as she handed him blue jeans and a black T-shirt. He ran into the dressing room and started to try them on."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" I ran in there to see why he screamed and he ran out with a giant bite on his arm. I picked up my bat and killed the zombie that was in there. It was a clerk. "HAYDEN!!!!!" Angel screamed as she ran towards him. "ANNIE!! ANNIE!!!" I ran to examine the wound, then i looked at Angel. "NO!! NO ANNIE PLEASE DON'T!!! NO! NO!" I grabbed him by his hand and told him that in a few minutes he would become a zombie.

He looked at me terrified, "Hayden.......I know this is scary but..Angel is going to give you some medicine ok you take that and ill be back in a few minutes..." I got up and walked away to pray, I cant believe I was going to have to kill this young boy. I was about to pick up my gun when I heard Angel scream. "ANGEL!" I ran where she was at then I stopped. "Angel?.......you..." I looked at Haydens lifeless body, Angel broke his neck.
Angel's face was full of tears. "Annie.......I didn't want you to kill him...I told him i loved him and to close his eyes....." I helped Angel up and we got some new clothes and supplies. I helped her to the truck and then we took off. I just drove in silence and shock. "It was the right thing Angel..... but you were the last person i expected to kill some one." She just looked down. We didn't talk for the next 5 miles.

"I'm sorry...."

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Part 3 of "???" written by Dream Killer

Image by Jacob Anderson

Link to Part 1 of "???"

Link to part 2 of "???"

Part 3 of "???" by Dream Killer
We have been driving for almost 2 hours and we saw the terrifying results of the infection. "Oh my......" I saw hundreds of dead bodies, children and teens mainly. "They must have attacked the daycare that's up ahead...." I saw the fear in Angel's eyes. I drove past the bodies as fast as I could that way I could spare Angel her horrific conclusion. However the faster I went the more bodies we encountered. "He's dead isn't he?..............my baby?..." She started to break down and cry. I didn't know how to comfort her. "Annie?......Do you think we'll survive?...." As soon as those words left her mouth I froze, I didn't want to think about it like some part in my head thought we were going to get through this and survive. I looked at her and smiled. "As long as we stay together...we will....I wont let anything happen to you, and when this is all over, said and done there will be new memories to replace these." She looked down, I could tell she wanted to believe me, but the death of her child must have taken all hope from her.

I kept driving and I saw figures walking around something, it was a few zombies surrounding a body. As we went closer the Zombies looked at us but didn't move, then I saw the body. "Angel look its one of them!...the body is a zombie....I see no wounds how did it die?......" This left me thinking. How could a zombie die if its infected, has a food source, and no enemies?
" Annie look..." I heard her whisper and I looked in my rear view mirror. They started attacking one another for rights to the body, I wonder if they killed it. I kept focusing on the road with thousands of questions running through my head. As I kept driving a small glimmer of hope shined through as I saw other cars on the road, but it quickly faded. "All these cars are empty...." I looked at Angel who seemed a zombie herself.

She was just sitting there, starring off into space. "Annie....did you know he would've been three in a few months?...." "Yes I know, and I know what I'm about to say is going to sound a little harsh..." She looked at me with confusion. "Angel ...hes gone.. theres nothing you can do, no amount of crying will bring him back, I know your hurt sweetie but your alive right now...and since he's not here you need to live for him, live for him so that he can be happy..." She just stared at me. The sun was shinning through the window and it lit up the truck with warmth and security.
"See Angel, as long as the sun shines everyday, there will be hope."

We started to get a little anxious about finding other people. "SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!" I looked into the field next to us and there were three people running from zombies who looked bigger than the ones from our town.
I was surprised to hear Angel speak. "Should we stop and help them? I mean we would be able to survive better with more people." I took what she said into consideration but there was no way we could stop, then open the door without being bitten, the zombies were to close. "No we need guns or something to protect yourself with..." I started to feel sick and dizzy."They will have to accept their fate, theres nothing we can do for now...we have nothing to protect us...: She just stared at me in amazement. "You've changed......" I looked at her."No, I swore I would protect you, what if they were bit huh? then what? We need to think about ourselves to.." We drove another half a mile. "Look a store!!!!!" I drove over and parked. "I'm going to inspect the place you stay here and in case I don't come back drive, leave me here ok?" She started to cry but she nodded. I walked in the store and saw no one, but there was blood on the floor."Probably from those people we saw earlier...," I heard something move from the back of the store. I looked around and found a bat with blood on it. I picked it up and prepared for the worse.

I headed to the back and saw someone. "Dave?" He looked at me and I swung the bat. He ducked. "ANNIE!! ANNIE IM NOT INFECTED!!" I put down the bat and fell into his arms. "Dave Ive missed you so much...."what are you doing here?" I gave my husband another hug, then I saw blood on my hands. I looked closer and saw the deep gash on his back. I quickly got up and went to the pharmacy part of the store, I grabbed some pain killers. "Here honey take these....." "Why? Whats going on?" He saw the blood on my hands. "Annie?" He took the pain killers and I went behind him. A few moments later I could see he was relaxed. "I love you so much Dave...I love you.." I started to cry, then I swung the bat and broke his neck with such force it almost went through his skin. I dropped the bat and ran to the truck. "What happened!!! Annie?"I got her out of the truck "Ill tell you later right now we need food and water and all the weapons we can find..." I took a deep breath and said goodbye to Dave.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New York City Weekend and Zombies

Image by Chante Tenoso

Getting into New york City on the weekend is the same as rush hour traffic during the week.  People, whom New Yorkers like to call "the bridge and tunnel crowd" pour in from Long Island and New Jersey to have dinner, bar hop and party. Women put on their most revealing outfits and highest heels. While men make sure they have good standing credit cards. Now, just for fun, let's imagine that a zombie outbreak were to occur. From a New Yorkers perspective this would really, truely, suck on one hand but might help out in another way.

First, let's talk about how it would suck. The city would be full of people who have no idea where they are or where they are going. This would greatly increase the level of panic. I have seen tourists in the city panic because they couldn't find an address while they were standing right in front of it. There would be tons of packed bars, clubs and lounges where a zombie attack might go unnoticed until it was much too late. Even if people in the clubs did realize it was a zombie attack nobody would be armed or have the proper footwear to outrun it. Ladies, if you can't run in them (let alone walk) - don't wear them! (I'm just saying). Obviously, another point is that there are just so many extra people in New York City on the weekends and this would inevitably mean more zombies.

On the other hand, all those ladies who can't run in their shoes would make for slower zombies. Slower zombies are easier to kill. Another thought is that since people wear less they will be less able to cover up bites and wounds. Thus making it easier to see victims who need to be "handled" before they turn. Lastly, all the guys who want to impress their dates by driving their biggest trucks and hummers will have parked in garages all over the city. Making my life a little easier if I decide I need to get some wheels since most of the owners will probably be zombie chow.

So I leave it for you to decide if the weekend in New York City would be a better or worse time for a zombie outbreak.

Part 2 of "???" By Dream Killer and link to previous chapter

Image by Rotti  (Rvk, Iceland)

LINK TO PART 1 of "???"

 Part 2 of "???" - by Dream Killer

We were on the roof for 4 minutes when we heard a woman scream. Jenn ran to the edge of the roof and looked down. "TH...THEY'VE ESCAPED THE HOSPITAL!!!" She looked straight at me. "I cant do this...I CANT DO THIS!!" I took her by the arm, she was quiet. Then her gaze went to the door. I walked over and put my ear to it. "What tha?" I could hear moaning and pounding on the door as if someone was hurt. Then I heard a voice. "HEL.....HEL....I C..NT...MY LE..G..PL....PLE..." At that moment I opened the door. "OH MY GOSH LIZ!!" I didn't even know she was in the building. Her leg was torn open and I almost threw up from the smell. Jenn helped her off of the ground and looked at her wound. "Where did you come from? Liz you were off today?....."

I looked at Liz. "Jenn get away from her...." She slowly stood up but it was to late. Liz started pounding the floor and grabbing her head, then she looked and Jenn and jumped on her. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" I got a crowbar that was next to the door and hit Liz over the head. She gave out a load scream than turned to me and I hit her again this time with all the anger, sadness, confusion, and pain that I had in me.Her body was still and lifeless. "Jenn how badly were you bitten?" She shrugged, she just kept looking at Liz's body. "HOW BAD WERE YOU BITTEN JENN?" she started to cry. "I don't know Annie....but..." She walked to the edge of the roof. "But you were a great friend..." I looked at her and realized what she was about to do. "JENN STOP!!!!!" My words were useless. She jumped,and I heard her body hit the ground. I went to look and there were "Zombies" everywhere. They started to gather around her. I had to look away...

Bella met the same fate as Jenn she thought that was better death than becoming a zombie.

"Angel.....we cant stay up here...we need to move..the hospital should be empty right now so lets get off the roof." She nodded.
We made our way out and hid behind a building, the Zombies didn't notice us, they were still feeding on Jenn and Bella. "Look a truck... I think the keys are still inside..lets go."
We snuck around and made our way into the truck and I turned on the engine. All the zombies looked up and started running towards the truck. I pounded on the gas and ran over them. I hit what was left of my friend's bodies. I started to cry. "We'll head south, we'll see how far this infection has spread...". I wasn't sure if anyone would believe me if i tried to warn them, what if there's no one left. I don't want to think about that Ill just keep driving.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

May I present our first contributing writer - DREAM KILLER

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Dream Killer is a new contributing writer for Zombies Can't Love. She is from South Houston, Texas. A new chapter from her four part story will appear on this blog starting today and each day a new part will follow. Here is a brief interview with her before we present the first chapter of her Zombie Story, which I don't know the title of...yet...:

Hi Dream Killer and thanks for taking the time for this brief interview. I'm really happy that you want to be a contributing writer to Zombies Cant Love.

  • Do you have a title for the story you are contributing?
Lol, its "???" because I couldn't come up with one that would compliment the story.
  • How did you get "into" zombies"?
Well I've always been into Zombies and Vamps ( lol) but I really got into it when I started going on **LZ.
  • Are the characters in your story based on people you know or are they all fictional?
The main character is sort of based off of me. The fictional characters are Angel, Bella, Dave, Hayden, (whom u won't hear about till part 4)  and Jenn.  Liz and Stephanie are based off of real people. the other characters are thrown in there for fun, they have no meaning .
  • Do you know how a chapter is going to end when you start writing or do you get caught up in the action as though you're living the story?
Some chapters I get caught up in but the others I know how I want to end them .
  • If the zombie apocalypse were to happen soon do you think you would survive?
I think I would survive. I mean my community is full of great shelters, food and water are very easy to get to plus I have tons of great weapons.
  • Do you have any advice for people who are reading this?

To stay safe, know your surroundings and make sure u can run, lo.
Thank you for letting me post my story. 

 Now without further delay I present the first chapter of "???" written by Dream Killer. Her story is sure to make you keep your survival kits ready and your escape plans on hand. Enjoy!

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Part one - "???" , by Dream Killer
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I went into work today, we received a new patient Joss Brinbridge. According to the file record I received he had been very aggressive when he was first brought in, I was told now that I could go examine him because he was under sedation. I could feel something was very wrong when I entered the room. "WHAT THA!" He was standing up and foaming out of the mouth, I wasn't close to him but the smell of his breath was to much to bear, it was almost like rotting flesh. "Chris can you help me with patient #239?" as soon as i put the pager down he leaped for me, I dodged and he hit the window splattering blood everywhere, then he bolted out of the door. I stood there in terror and shock, I was brought back to reality by the screams of the other nurses and patients.
I went by the door and slowly peaked out. All i could see were the blood stained tiles, then out of nowhere I saw a figure running right for me. She was foaming at the mouth like Joss. I quickly closed the door and she started pounding on the window with such force it cracked a little. Then a nurse who was unaware of the problem went for her. "STEPH! STOP DON'T GO NEAR HER!" My cries were useless as my best friend was torn to pieces right in front of me.
I ducked, to shaken to look out the window. I heard a quick bang, then all was quite.

I waited a while before I got up to check what was happening. I looked through the window and I saw nothing but Stephanie's dead body and I broke down. "Annie? Annie is that you?" I looked up and saw Jenn, Angel, and Bella. "Whats going on? Are we the only ones left?" Jenn nodded as she helped me up. At that moment I realized the safest place was the roof. "We must go to the roof......I know we will be safe there." We started making our way to the flight of stairs that led to a long hallway and another door that led to the roof. As soon as we were all safely out of the hospital i bolt locked the door. "We Should be safe for now." I looked up into the blue sky and the image of Joss jumping at me made me sick to my stomach, I don't know whats happening, but I'm scared..... I don't know if well make it out of here alive. Someone please help us.