Zombie Outbreak Beacon NY

Zombie Outbreak Beacon NY
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Zombie Dice

Another pic...

Zombie Dice

It's a dice game with brains in a cup, shotgun explosions and the footsteps of those who got away. Playing it at the bar and its actually kind of fun.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Oh No Zombies - the board game??

I was passing by Serendipity on 60th street in Manhattan when I saw this board game peeking out.

Has anyone played this? Im super curious...perhaps I will have to play it and let you all know what I think.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Z-Day in the Bronx - An honest review of this Zombie "Haunted House"

  I'd like to thank the people from "Nightmare Fairy Tales" and "Nightmare Z-day" for giving me free passes to view their haunted house in Manhattan and their, first ever, zombie apocalypse, "Nightmare Z-Day", in the Bronx.

http://hauntedhousenyc.com/  - Nightmare Fairy Tales

   http://nightmarebronx.com/ - Nightmare Z-day

  I took two of my good friends, Kiem and Aleks, to Nightmare Z-Day in the Bronx. Aleks is a zombie fan since she worked as a set photographer on a zombie show this past summer and Kiem isn't one of those chicks who scares easily. I thought they would be great accomplices is judging this zombie themed "haunted house". This is the first one of it's kind and we took that into account.

  I wasn't allowed to take any pictures once we entered the haunted house but I did get a fun picture of Kiem in an electric chair by the ticket booth. But, let me get back to the topic at hand...

  The overall story was fun and just had one tiny hole to it. What zombie story doesn't though these days? We all thought the time spent standing on the short line could have been better use to set up the atmosphere of Z-day. Like how when you go to big theme parks they have stuff on screens telling you the background story so that the ride can just dive right into the juicy parts.

  The zombies were great but we felt there should have been more. Granted I'm sure after the success of this Z-day next years will have four times as many (I'm not promising anything). The rooms were very well done but I wish there had been more, a lot more. Call me a glutton for zombie horror in live action, living, not-breathing 3D!

  There's one room that does a fabulous job of completely disorientating you and making you wish you hadn't started on this little adventure. I loved that room! I imagined if I was in that situation with real zombies and how totally screwed I would be. That was frightening, indeed. There was also a room at the end..I won't spoil it for you...which I didn't want to leave. I wanted to study every single bloody, disgusting, horrifying detail.

 Many people screamed (including myself) and many people laughed (including Kiem and Aleks). If you know someone who doesn't watch a ton of horror movies and someone else who has a great scream; take them both and go check out Nightmare Z-day in the Bronx. The combination of good friends being scared and laughing while being attacked by zombies is awesome fun for everyone. (Just not kids)

This was a one-of-a-kind experience and I hope there will be more Nightmare Z-days in the future.

MOVIE REVIEW : George, A Zombie Intervention

I recently had the pleasure of watching George: A Zombie Intervention. Starring Peter Stickles as Ben (Shortbus, The Lair), Michelle Tomlinson as Sarah ( The Celler Door, Itch), Lynn Lowry as Barbra ( The Crazies, Cat People) and Carlos Larkin as George.

In the world that these characters live in zombies have integrated themselves into society in a productive way and have figured out how to cheat decomposing. All except George. George is a zombie who has a group of friends and family that are concerned with his bad habit of eating people. They decide to have an intervention to get him to stop his destructive and addictive behavior to eating human flesh.

I thought that this movie had added an original spin to the zombie movie genre. There were reasons for hoe zombies came about and reasons for why some zombies act like mindless eating machines. When a zombie movie gives me reasons for things it already gets a thumbs up on one of my hands or one of the severed ones on the floor...

The actor who played George was my favorite out of the cast. The portrayal of his role as a deadbeat zombie man (no pun intended) was spot on if I had to imagine how it would be. He was funny and I just really liked his performance. The other actors were good as well although sometimes a little contrived.

I liked how the movie also spun out at a moment. With mormons and random strippers showing up,  topless none the less. What's a campy horror moie without a nice set of boobs? They weren't the big fake kind either which made it even better. Just saying...

It kind of reminded me of how campy 80's movies could go off on a tangent and yet stay on track with the story. I love 80's movies by the way. The charm of this film is it's original story line and dedication to true campy, fun, indie, horror, zombie movie style.

I liked it and I would recommend seeing it if you are a true zombie (of all kinds) fan and like to laugh a bit. I wouldn't say it was as funny as Shawn of the Dead but it's one of the better "funny zombie" films I have seen. It gets off to a slightly slow start but picks up momentum. Plus there's a friendly twist at the end. Just when you think you have the whole movie figured out you realize you don't. Even though my review sounds "kid friendly"this movie is not. There are still some bloody scenes and some gnarly looking zombies.

Released 2009.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

NYC ZOMBIE WALK (manhattan)


These images are from the NYC Zombie walk in Manhattan on October 16 2011. There were gruesome zombies and cute lady zombies. Even the bartender was zombified. There was no shortage of blood and bites.

Almost everyone I shot a picture of said it was hard not to smile even though zombies don't smile.

I liked the bullet hole this guy had in his forehead. I thought it was original.

 This is Brooke. She did her own makeup and I was quite impressed. I don't think I could do quite as nice of a makeup job without some serious training.

 Her makeup is simple but very effective. Plus I love her hair!

I love NY too! Zombies can't love but I guess they can kiss.

This guy has a signature zombie look. It's the one eyeball hanging out of it's socket. The exposed rib cage is quite yummy as well.

The zombie with the helmet explained to me that she had been turned when she was attacked by a group of fast moving zombies from behind. Then she lunged at her friend.

After I shot their portraits these parents turned around and ate their young!

 Thomas of Zombies Worldwide was present. Look Zombies Worldwide up on Facebook and help spread the infection!

What's in those cocktails anyways?

This is a great look. Enough said....just great

 I love when people get in the spirit of the undead.

Doug doing makeup.

He was attacked at a football game and she was peacefully sleeping in bed. They found each other and ate together for every meal thereafter.

Zombies Can't Love gave out a few tee shirts and will be giving out pins at the Queens Thanksgiving Zombie Walk on Nov. 19 2011. So make sure you're there to get your free pin.

 The top hat is perfect! She is like a ring master of death ready to unleash her undead circus in a town near you!

But where are her cookies??

 Ever read the zombie Marvel comic series? NO! Well you should check it out.

 Ok clowns + zombies = frickin double scary. Although a real clown zombie wouldn't be hard to get away from since they would have a hard time walking in those giant funny shoes.

Little Red Riding Hood killed the wolf and then ate her grandma. Sad story...