Zombie Outbreak Beacon NY

Zombie Outbreak Beacon NY
Are you going to join them or fight them?


Monday, November 25, 2013

Zombie Survival Machine Seen At The LA Auto Show

Hyundai has jumped on the Zombie bandwagon with their Zombie Survival Machine!

If they still rely on gas I think they are still potential death traps. Now, something that could run on solar, garbage and /or zombie body parts would be a true zombie survival machine!

These just look like cars with fancy stuff and graphics put on them. The gun on the roof is cute but what good would that do if your car was surrounded and they are grabbing your feet from all directions? hmmm?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The 2013 Queens Thanksgiving Zombie Walk!

The 2013 Queens Thanksgiving Zombie Walk was another huge success! We started at Applebee's Astoria and the after party was held at Hell Gate Tiki bar.

Here are the photos from the event. These photo will also be on Facebook so be sure to go to our page and tag yourself and your friends.

Thank you for coming and I look forward to seeing all of you next year.


WINNER of the kids costume contest! 

The Governer!

Maybe Zombies can love...?!

Dolly begins their set.

Dolly setting up to play at the after party.

Nice use of the annual free buttons.

The MC of the evening...Steven.

Dolly is the first band of the night.

Afterbirth Monkey start their set.

WINNERS of the Adult costume contest! - $100

Yes, that is a penis squirt gun in his hand...

Schaffer the Darklord makes a guest appearance.

Schaffer the Darklord rocks the house down!

Another Dead Clown arrived straight from OZ.

Dorothy was attacked on the yellow brick road.

Love the meatless hands!

OK...Zombies CAN love!

Clementine & The Galaxy 

Clementine and the Galaxy rocked on!

Hell Gate Tiki Bar kept the drinks coming.

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Hell Gate Tiki Bar.

The Great Apes

The Great Apes begin their set.

The Great Apes are just getting started.

Everyone in the bar was up and dancing by this point!

The Great Apes get everyone out of their seats.

The Great Apes go for a double encore! "ONE MORE SONG"

Thank you all for coming and I will see you next year!!