Zombie Outbreak Beacon NY

Zombie Outbreak Beacon NY
Are you going to join them or fight them?


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sex in the time of zombies

Zombies can't love.

Zombies don't get horney or miss being held by another person.

I havent seen another living person in days. I probably wont for a long time. Battery powered devices cant make up for it ALL.

street art

Relics now of a time gone by. I hope some artists and especially street artists, taggers and graffiti artists have survived. Means Im not alone. Theres someone else. Plus it gives new beauty to a world where nothing will be new for a long time to come. Just the same thing everyday. Surviving.

"Street art" means that someone isnt just surviving. They're living.

destroy them

Nothing you would use to kill a person works on the infected. They feel no pain or emotion. You can hit them all you want or beg. It doesnt matter. Your mother or your neighbor. They are out for blood. The zombies have outnumbered us.

The only thing I have seen that works is removing their heads or destroying their brain. Stop, yield and decapitate signs will be everywhere one day. Everywhere.

The moaning school bus

I dont know what happened to the kids in this bus. Maybe they tried to survive. Not knowing one of them was already infected. All it took was the one.
Now they are all trapped in this school bus. Dead and hungry. When I go by they stick their small hands out the few open windows. They reach for me. They want to sink their teeth into me and tear me limb from limb.
They dont want me to become like they them. They want to kill me.

The 59 street bridge

The bridges and tunnels were fine if you left right when the first reports started appearing in the news. But who pays attention to the news all day? I certainly didn't.

The bridges and tunnels became death. Things still wander around on them. Trapped between piles of cars. Trapped until humanity can make a second run at making a perfect world.

I miss music

<p>This a portion where a horde tore down the fence. They were either chasing something or someone. I used to like to listen to music while I biked. To do that now would be like committing suicide. The silence highlighted with moans and death isn't fun.

There are some shambling shapes on the horizon in the park.I doubt they are still "alive". I havent heard anything human in days.

My bike

Ive made it out of the building. I have my bike. A car alarm is going off in the distance. That must be why the streets are so empty. They must be off to investigate the loud noise. Theyre looking for dinner.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Walking Dead of Mexico! Unleashed

Image by : Alfredo Estrella/ AFP/ Getty Images

People dressed up as zombies participate in a 'Zombie Walk' at the Revolution Monument in Mexico City on November 26, 2011. Organizers said that 9,600 people participated, which if true would blow away the current Guinness world record, which is held by the US. Apparently, last year, 4,093 zombies marched around in Asbury Park, New Jersey. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011



I have to be honest, I had heard of Roger Corman but I never realized just how much of his work I was actually familiar with. He has over 300 films under his belt and he is still producing and directing with his wife Julie. They continue to work and distribute their films outside of the studio system. What’s even more amazing than that is the fact that he has never lost money on a film.

Roger Corman is a natural rebel so when the studios all told him “NO” he decided to start his own company. His films were raw, gritty, told real stories, told fantastic stories, amazing creatures, had people being eaten alive and the list goes on and on. After seeing this documentary I can understand where directors like George Lucas, Quentin Tarantino and Steven Spielburg all pulled inspiration from Roger Corman’s work.

Many Hollywood icons appear in this tribute to Roger Corman. They give him credit for giving them work when nobody else would and for helping launch their iconic careers. There’s even a point where Jack Nicholson is brought to tears. Corman believes in capitalizing on undiscovered talent and pushing the boundaries of independent filmmaking.

    This documentary was very inspirational to me. I felt like I got to experience Corman’s drive and passion for filmmaking first hand. Along with his passion to strive for success no matter what the odds or who tells you “NO”. Failure just is not an option. 

My favorite quote is the tail end of a statement when Roger Corman says “...my mind is a boiling inferno...” and he captures what’s in his mind on film. His movies were sometimes shot in a couple days with leftover film sets from something else and zero “real” script and tons of people love those films. I personally love the original “Little Shop of Horrors”. With the puppet plant and shot in black and white. Movies where monsters were real people in suits and not just computer generated fiction. I think the actors react better to a more hands on approach versus talking and reacting to tennis balls on a stick.
Learning how Corman produces movies gives me hope for my own film ideas. That inspiration, combined with Lloyd Kaufman’s quote that “ if you have a camera you can make your own damn movie” (check out his book), I’m now wondering what’s holding me back...

Director Alex Stapleton did a wonderful job splicing together archival footage following Roger’s career, interviews with stars (such as Paul W.S. Anderson, Robert DeNiro, Pam Grier, Ron Howard, Martin Scorsese, William Shatner, and the list goes on & on...) and first hand commentary for the man of the hour himself, Roger Corman.

I highly recommend this kick-ass, bikini lady devouring documentary to every filmmaker and to anyone who has a true love for movies.

Keep on rockin’ Roger Corman!

Check out the trailer for this documentary and meet the rebel who brought his visions to the big screen.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Daily News follow up article...link to the article under the photo

I would like to thank reporter Clare Trapasso for her great articles in The Daily News about the Queens Thanksgiving Zombie Walk 2011.

Follow up article: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/queens/hundreds-swarm-astoria-queens-thanksgiving-zombie-walk-article-1.981734

Book Review : "The Hungry" by Harry Shannon and Steven Booth

Book Review:

"The Hungry"
by Harry Shannon & Steven Booth

Joe McKinney (foreward)

Steve Hockensmith (preface)

It’s not everyday that you read a story with a strong lead character whose a woman. Let alone a story set in a world filled with hungry zombies. When I first read a synopsis of “The Hungry” I thought to myself that I have to read it! 
It’s a wonderfully gritty story filled with zombies, nasty bikers, women without underwear and rage filled erections. There are lots of little twists and turns to the story. The main woman of the hour, Sheriff Penny Miller , doesn’t lack for balls when it comes to man’ing up in any situation. Whether isn’t an onslaught of flesh hungry zombies or a wise-ass biker who thinks he’s the devil’s gift to hell, Penny handles them both with ease. Is there nothing this broad can’t handle? Doesn’t appear that way.
The way this book was done gets you right into the action and feel of the story. Not a moment is spared on frivolous conversations or details. I like the honesty of the characters throughout the book as well. Even when one of them seems to have a change of heart, it isn’t for no reason and you can understand why. 
Unlike many zombie stories this one has a past, present and possible future. What I mean is “The Hungry” gives an explanation as to why the undead rise up to feast on the living, how our survivors battleaxe their asses through hordes of zombies and what the future might hold for them if they survive. I like a story that does that. Don’t get me wrong, having zombies just show up makes my day no matter what...but..sometimes an explanation is nice.
This book didn’t fall flat in action or in zombies. If this book was a movie I would go see it more than twice. Now, I know this review is all praises but I don’t really have anything bad to say. As long as you aren’t one of those people who wants crazy, insane realism (probably shouldn’t be reading zombie books to begin with) and if you can’t handle the thought of a crazy penis erection in your head or a piss stained wedding dress while zombies have their skulls smashed to bits, well, you will thoroughly enjoy this book.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Queens Thanksgiving Zombie Walk in The Daily News

zombies took over Astoria today! The walk was long and it was great. This was the first walk to be put on by Zombiescantlove dot com and Zombies Worldwide ( check out their group). The next walk will be even better!!
Thank you to everyone who came out today. The portraits from the zombie walk will be up on Zombiescantlove.com later tonight!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tom Savini as a Zombie

I think this cover of Fangoria is quite delicious with Tom Savini done up as a zombie.

"All hail the sultan of splatter!"- Fangoria

Sunday, November 6, 2011


This is the very first zombie walk done in Astoria, Queens hosted by:
Zombies Cant Love, Zombies Worldwide(Thomas Art) and Astoria Music & Arts. 
This will be an annual event. 

There are 3 parts to this walk:

Make-up and booze:

We will begin at Club 21 at NOON. There we will have a back area all to ourselves where all the make-up will be done by professional and student make-up artists.
At that time as well, Club 21 will have $3 Zombie Cocktails and other drink specials. There will also be food for the hungry.
The make-up artists are volunteering their services. Tips and donations are welcomed.

There will also be a photographer on hand to take your zombie portrait. A gallery will be available on facebook.

Club 21 is located at: 30-09 21st Street, Astoria Queens.

Take the N train just a few stops into Queens and get off at 30th Ave.

Terrorize Astoria:

Around 2pm, our walk will begin, heading up 30th ave... where we will take pics, shoot vids, eat people and maybe eat each other. Basically... Spread the infection of zombie fun.


Music and More Booze:

Finally, we will end up at The Shillelagh Tavern. As of right now, there are 3 bands lined up so far; ***Aaron Stoquert*** Zombie style folk, ***Thunderbang!*** - nightmare fantasy rock , ***Moniker*** - Dark Horror/Hard Rock, and ***BliminaL*** your resident house zombie band!. Nonstop to Cairo !More music to be added!
Zombie Cocktails and beer specials are on the menu here as well.

The Shillelagh Tavern is located at: 4722 30th ave, Astoria Queens

Travel Directions:
Take the N train to 30th Ave Astoria.

**We have a special guest that will be walking with us: Jane Doll from The Spooky Demenseia Show. She will be filming her show thee that day so segments of our walk will be aired on her next live show. :)

This is an open event. Share and invite all your zombie friends. The walk and makeup is for all ages. The bars are 21 + to drink.

This event is very important. Lets all be thankful we have a human to eat. 



Zombies Worldwide - http://www.facebook.com/Zombies.Worldwide
Astoria Music & Art - http://www.facebook.com/groups/67893191336/
Zombies Can't Love - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zombies-Cant-Love/200033923393954

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Zombie Dice

Another pic...

Zombie Dice

It's a dice game with brains in a cup, shotgun explosions and the footsteps of those who got away. Playing it at the bar and its actually kind of fun.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Oh No Zombies - the board game??

I was passing by Serendipity on 60th street in Manhattan when I saw this board game peeking out.

Has anyone played this? Im super curious...perhaps I will have to play it and let you all know what I think.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Z-Day in the Bronx - An honest review of this Zombie "Haunted House"

  I'd like to thank the people from "Nightmare Fairy Tales" and "Nightmare Z-day" for giving me free passes to view their haunted house in Manhattan and their, first ever, zombie apocalypse, "Nightmare Z-Day", in the Bronx.

http://hauntedhousenyc.com/  - Nightmare Fairy Tales

   http://nightmarebronx.com/ - Nightmare Z-day

  I took two of my good friends, Kiem and Aleks, to Nightmare Z-Day in the Bronx. Aleks is a zombie fan since she worked as a set photographer on a zombie show this past summer and Kiem isn't one of those chicks who scares easily. I thought they would be great accomplices is judging this zombie themed "haunted house". This is the first one of it's kind and we took that into account.

  I wasn't allowed to take any pictures once we entered the haunted house but I did get a fun picture of Kiem in an electric chair by the ticket booth. But, let me get back to the topic at hand...

  The overall story was fun and just had one tiny hole to it. What zombie story doesn't though these days? We all thought the time spent standing on the short line could have been better use to set up the atmosphere of Z-day. Like how when you go to big theme parks they have stuff on screens telling you the background story so that the ride can just dive right into the juicy parts.

  The zombies were great but we felt there should have been more. Granted I'm sure after the success of this Z-day next years will have four times as many (I'm not promising anything). The rooms were very well done but I wish there had been more, a lot more. Call me a glutton for zombie horror in live action, living, not-breathing 3D!

  There's one room that does a fabulous job of completely disorientating you and making you wish you hadn't started on this little adventure. I loved that room! I imagined if I was in that situation with real zombies and how totally screwed I would be. That was frightening, indeed. There was also a room at the end..I won't spoil it for you...which I didn't want to leave. I wanted to study every single bloody, disgusting, horrifying detail.

 Many people screamed (including myself) and many people laughed (including Kiem and Aleks). If you know someone who doesn't watch a ton of horror movies and someone else who has a great scream; take them both and go check out Nightmare Z-day in the Bronx. The combination of good friends being scared and laughing while being attacked by zombies is awesome fun for everyone. (Just not kids)

This was a one-of-a-kind experience and I hope there will be more Nightmare Z-days in the future.

MOVIE REVIEW : George, A Zombie Intervention

I recently had the pleasure of watching George: A Zombie Intervention. Starring Peter Stickles as Ben (Shortbus, The Lair), Michelle Tomlinson as Sarah ( The Celler Door, Itch), Lynn Lowry as Barbra ( The Crazies, Cat People) and Carlos Larkin as George.

In the world that these characters live in zombies have integrated themselves into society in a productive way and have figured out how to cheat decomposing. All except George. George is a zombie who has a group of friends and family that are concerned with his bad habit of eating people. They decide to have an intervention to get him to stop his destructive and addictive behavior to eating human flesh.

I thought that this movie had added an original spin to the zombie movie genre. There were reasons for hoe zombies came about and reasons for why some zombies act like mindless eating machines. When a zombie movie gives me reasons for things it already gets a thumbs up on one of my hands or one of the severed ones on the floor...

The actor who played George was my favorite out of the cast. The portrayal of his role as a deadbeat zombie man (no pun intended) was spot on if I had to imagine how it would be. He was funny and I just really liked his performance. The other actors were good as well although sometimes a little contrived.

I liked how the movie also spun out at a moment. With mormons and random strippers showing up,  topless none the less. What's a campy horror moie without a nice set of boobs? They weren't the big fake kind either which made it even better. Just saying...

It kind of reminded me of how campy 80's movies could go off on a tangent and yet stay on track with the story. I love 80's movies by the way. The charm of this film is it's original story line and dedication to true campy, fun, indie, horror, zombie movie style.

I liked it and I would recommend seeing it if you are a true zombie (of all kinds) fan and like to laugh a bit. I wouldn't say it was as funny as Shawn of the Dead but it's one of the better "funny zombie" films I have seen. It gets off to a slightly slow start but picks up momentum. Plus there's a friendly twist at the end. Just when you think you have the whole movie figured out you realize you don't. Even though my review sounds "kid friendly"this movie is not. There are still some bloody scenes and some gnarly looking zombies.

Released 2009.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

NYC ZOMBIE WALK (manhattan)


These images are from the NYC Zombie walk in Manhattan on October 16 2011. There were gruesome zombies and cute lady zombies. Even the bartender was zombified. There was no shortage of blood and bites.

Almost everyone I shot a picture of said it was hard not to smile even though zombies don't smile.

I liked the bullet hole this guy had in his forehead. I thought it was original.

 This is Brooke. She did her own makeup and I was quite impressed. I don't think I could do quite as nice of a makeup job without some serious training.

 Her makeup is simple but very effective. Plus I love her hair!

I love NY too! Zombies can't love but I guess they can kiss.

This guy has a signature zombie look. It's the one eyeball hanging out of it's socket. The exposed rib cage is quite yummy as well.

The zombie with the helmet explained to me that she had been turned when she was attacked by a group of fast moving zombies from behind. Then she lunged at her friend.

After I shot their portraits these parents turned around and ate their young!

 Thomas of Zombies Worldwide was present. Look Zombies Worldwide up on Facebook and help spread the infection!

What's in those cocktails anyways?

This is a great look. Enough said....just great

 I love when people get in the spirit of the undead.

Doug doing makeup.

He was attacked at a football game and she was peacefully sleeping in bed. They found each other and ate together for every meal thereafter.

Zombies Can't Love gave out a few tee shirts and will be giving out pins at the Queens Thanksgiving Zombie Walk on Nov. 19 2011. So make sure you're there to get your free pin.

 The top hat is perfect! She is like a ring master of death ready to unleash her undead circus in a town near you!

But where are her cookies??

 Ever read the zombie Marvel comic series? NO! Well you should check it out.

 Ok clowns + zombies = frickin double scary. Although a real clown zombie wouldn't be hard to get away from since they would have a hard time walking in those giant funny shoes.

Little Red Riding Hood killed the wolf and then ate her grandma. Sad story...