Sunday, October 16, 2011

NYC ZOMBIE WALK (manhattan)


These images are from the NYC Zombie walk in Manhattan on October 16 2011. There were gruesome zombies and cute lady zombies. Even the bartender was zombified. There was no shortage of blood and bites.

Almost everyone I shot a picture of said it was hard not to smile even though zombies don't smile.

I liked the bullet hole this guy had in his forehead. I thought it was original.

 This is Brooke. She did her own makeup and I was quite impressed. I don't think I could do quite as nice of a makeup job without some serious training.

 Her makeup is simple but very effective. Plus I love her hair!

I love NY too! Zombies can't love but I guess they can kiss.

This guy has a signature zombie look. It's the one eyeball hanging out of it's socket. The exposed rib cage is quite yummy as well.

The zombie with the helmet explained to me that she had been turned when she was attacked by a group of fast moving zombies from behind. Then she lunged at her friend.

After I shot their portraits these parents turned around and ate their young!

 Thomas of Zombies Worldwide was present. Look Zombies Worldwide up on Facebook and help spread the infection!

What's in those cocktails anyways?

This is a great look. Enough said....just great

 I love when people get in the spirit of the undead.

Doug doing makeup.

He was attacked at a football game and she was peacefully sleeping in bed. They found each other and ate together for every meal thereafter.

Zombies Can't Love gave out a few tee shirts and will be giving out pins at the Queens Thanksgiving Zombie Walk on Nov. 19 2011. So make sure you're there to get your free pin.

 The top hat is perfect! She is like a ring master of death ready to unleash her undead circus in a town near you!

But where are her cookies??

 Ever read the zombie Marvel comic series? NO! Well you should check it out.

 Ok clowns + zombies = frickin double scary. Although a real clown zombie wouldn't be hard to get away from since they would have a hard time walking in those giant funny shoes.

Little Red Riding Hood killed the wolf and then ate her grandma. Sad story...


  1. Hey anyone know one-eyed zombies name? He's lurking around my upcoming TV show for History entitled, "Zombies: A Living History." Watch it on October 25 at 8/7c and prepare yourself for the zombie apocalypse!

  2. Cool pics...shoulda been prob,the bullet hole zed...shouldn't be walkin around

  3. Yeah I liked the guy with the bullet wound..but you're right he would have been down for the count...unless the bullet missed the brain. Never know. Not all head wound go according to plan!