Monday, October 24, 2011

MOVIE REVIEW : George, A Zombie Intervention

I recently had the pleasure of watching George: A Zombie Intervention. Starring Peter Stickles as Ben (Shortbus, The Lair), Michelle Tomlinson as Sarah ( The Celler Door, Itch), Lynn Lowry as Barbra ( The Crazies, Cat People) and Carlos Larkin as George.

In the world that these characters live in zombies have integrated themselves into society in a productive way and have figured out how to cheat decomposing. All except George. George is a zombie who has a group of friends and family that are concerned with his bad habit of eating people. They decide to have an intervention to get him to stop his destructive and addictive behavior to eating human flesh.

I thought that this movie had added an original spin to the zombie movie genre. There were reasons for hoe zombies came about and reasons for why some zombies act like mindless eating machines. When a zombie movie gives me reasons for things it already gets a thumbs up on one of my hands or one of the severed ones on the floor...

The actor who played George was my favorite out of the cast. The portrayal of his role as a deadbeat zombie man (no pun intended) was spot on if I had to imagine how it would be. He was funny and I just really liked his performance. The other actors were good as well although sometimes a little contrived.

I liked how the movie also spun out at a moment. With mormons and random strippers showing up,  topless none the less. What's a campy horror moie without a nice set of boobs? They weren't the big fake kind either which made it even better. Just saying...

It kind of reminded me of how campy 80's movies could go off on a tangent and yet stay on track with the story. I love 80's movies by the way. The charm of this film is it's original story line and dedication to true campy, fun, indie, horror, zombie movie style.

I liked it and I would recommend seeing it if you are a true zombie (of all kinds) fan and like to laugh a bit. I wouldn't say it was as funny as Shawn of the Dead but it's one of the better "funny zombie" films I have seen. It gets off to a slightly slow start but picks up momentum. Plus there's a friendly twist at the end. Just when you think you have the whole movie figured out you realize you don't. Even though my review sounds "kid friendly"this movie is not. There are still some bloody scenes and some gnarly looking zombies.

Released 2009.

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