Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Polluted World

Could the pollution we cause be a potential reason for the Zombie War to come?

I took this picture while driving through New jersey. Pink Smoke! This has to be toxic. Who knows how much junk is really pumped into the air every minute of everyday? Just because smoke goes up and vanishes doesn't mean that it's gone.

This pink smoke is probably being inhaled by some poor child in India. Next thing you know that child gets a fever and a ravenous appetite. His mother tries her best to comfort him until his heart stops. She sits on the ground cradling her dead child, crying. Moments later his body begins to stir. This grieving mother holds her child in front of her, momentarily happy, thinking her prayers have been answered. The young child grabs his mothers face and sinks his teeth into her right cheek and lower lip ripping the flesh from her face.

The small cotton farming town in which they live has seen numerous suicides as of late due to the use of cotton seeds provided by Monsanto. There aren't enough men in this village to help battle this new threat, Zombies. Zombie women and children overrun the town and spread out in the search for live flesh and brains.

This is just one way the end might begin and nobody would be able to trace it back to this pink smoke streaming into our air from a smoke stack in New jersey. Of course, this pink smoke alone might not do it. But this combined with other pollutants...who knows?

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