Monday, November 25, 2013

Zombie Survival Machine Seen At The LA Auto Show

Hyundai has jumped on the Zombie bandwagon with their Zombie Survival Machine!

If they still rely on gas I think they are still potential death traps. Now, something that could run on solar, garbage and /or zombie body parts would be a true zombie survival machine!

These just look like cars with fancy stuff and graphics put on them. The gun on the roof is cute but what good would that do if your car was surrounded and they are grabbing your feet from all directions? hmmm?


  1. I think Hyundai has to do lots of explanation about your last statement. Hehe! The famous zombie apocalypse was the avenue for creative minds to produce stuff that can help everyone stay alive. Even without those dilemma, car manufacturers are already selling cars with lots of safety features. Car owners/road users just need to be extra careful when driving. And don't forget, before one hits the road, he/she must secure all car parts; do a full maintenance check a day before a road trip. :)

    Mickey Doshi @ JimAndJacks

  2. I believe those graphics and fancy stuff are made for the entertainment purposes only. What d’you think? Hehe! But it is nice to see displays like these, regardless if it's for the promotional release of a t.v. series or not. Also, for some who are open-minded about the possibility of zombie apocalypse actually becoming real someday and preparing for it with such vehicle for survival, I think they should do as they feel. So long as they keep the engines properly maintained so that "future zombies" won't stand the chance against these raging zombie survival machines. Hehe.

    Carole Simmons