Friday, November 25, 2011

Book Review : "The Hungry" by Harry Shannon and Steven Booth

Book Review:

"The Hungry"
by Harry Shannon & Steven Booth

Joe McKinney (foreward)

Steve Hockensmith (preface)

It’s not everyday that you read a story with a strong lead character whose a woman. Let alone a story set in a world filled with hungry zombies. When I first read a synopsis of “The Hungry” I thought to myself that I have to read it! 
It’s a wonderfully gritty story filled with zombies, nasty bikers, women without underwear and rage filled erections. There are lots of little twists and turns to the story. The main woman of the hour, Sheriff Penny Miller , doesn’t lack for balls when it comes to man’ing up in any situation. Whether isn’t an onslaught of flesh hungry zombies or a wise-ass biker who thinks he’s the devil’s gift to hell, Penny handles them both with ease. Is there nothing this broad can’t handle? Doesn’t appear that way.
The way this book was done gets you right into the action and feel of the story. Not a moment is spared on frivolous conversations or details. I like the honesty of the characters throughout the book as well. Even when one of them seems to have a change of heart, it isn’t for no reason and you can understand why. 
Unlike many zombie stories this one has a past, present and possible future. What I mean is “The Hungry” gives an explanation as to why the undead rise up to feast on the living, how our survivors battleaxe their asses through hordes of zombies and what the future might hold for them if they survive. I like a story that does that. Don’t get me wrong, having zombies just show up makes my day no matter what...but..sometimes an explanation is nice.
This book didn’t fall flat in action or in zombies. If this book was a movie I would go see it more than twice. Now, I know this review is all praises but I don’t really have anything bad to say. As long as you aren’t one of those people who wants crazy, insane realism (probably shouldn’t be reading zombie books to begin with) and if you can’t handle the thought of a crazy penis erection in your head or a piss stained wedding dress while zombies have their skulls smashed to bits, well, you will thoroughly enjoy this book.