Thursday, November 4, 2010

REVIEW of The Walking Dead on AMC

 Like many of you out there I watched the premiere of The Walking Dead on Halloween night. I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed.

I read the first compendium of The Walking Dead and it is a must read for any zombie fan. That's why I don't understand why the director of the TV show didn't follow the perfectly made storyboard (comic book) already available.

Within the first 3-5 minutes of the show I was unhappy. I feel like they tried to explain too much through dialogue instead of just letting the viewer learn about the characters through their actions. You don't watch a movie or show to have a story told to you, you watch to have a story shown to you. The pace of the TV show left me shocked at how little they showed in 90 minutes. Disappointing.

On a good note, I think that the casting so far is pretty on point and the zombies look fantastic. I am glad that they used real extras for the zombies instead of trying to do it all in post with CG effects.

Overall, I feel like they should have stayed truer to the comic and not tried to ad lib so much and the makeup and visual effects rock! I will be glued to my TV faithfully next Sunday night for the next installment of The Walking Dead on AMC. Hopefully it gets better from here (fingers crossed).

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  1. I was disappointed too although I've never read the comic(not a modern comics fan).
    It just wasn't scary and half of it seemed ripped off from various other movies and tv shows.
    Still it was well-made and I shall keep following it to see if it improves.